Monthly Archives: May 2017

Magic Formula Investing Screener in Excel

Magic formula investing is a well-known investment technique popularized by Joel Greenblatt in his book “The Little Book That Still Beats the Market”. This is a value investing approach that outlines how investors can systematically apply a formula to buy stocks in good companies at affordable prices. In magic formula investing, we rank companies by […]

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Balance Sheet Ratios in Excel using MarketXLS

We know that a company’s balance sheet provides a snapshot of a company’s financial position at a particular time. By looking at the balance sheet of a company, an investor can get lots of simple yet valuable insights. This includes things such as the company’s cash positions, its assets, its debt obligations, and more. However, […]

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Calculate Piotroski F-score in Excel using MarketXLS

Download Piotroski F-score in Excel Calculator The biggest challenge any value investor faces is to screen the best stocks for investment and filter out the bad ones. While there are many strategies that investors use to identify value stocks, one recommended strategy is the Piotroski’s F-score strategy that focuses on identifying winning stocks. In this […]

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