The Story

MarketXLS's mission is to democratize the investment research market by providing family offices and individual investors with the same tools as used by institutional traders and hedge fund managers for portfolio management, options analysis, and risk management at an affordable cost.

With our portfolio analytics capabilities you can analyze your portfolios by simplifying all portfolio calculations' complexities. We provide you with with easy to use functions to analyze the portfolios and perform the risk analysis.

The Problem

Its too difficult and time consuming to relate the historical portfolio performance with historical news events. 

The Solution

Introducing “What Happened”?

Proprietary function fed from industry leading Benzinga’s news content managers -- where the investors can directly query the value changes of their portfolio or stock positions, to understand “What Happened”. The function returns a list of news stories related to the portfolio around the time frame in question. You can use this to fine tune your strategies strategies and streamline portfolio performance reporting.

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Get access to Benzinga news functions in 3 Simple steps.

Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

Enter your username and password in MarketXLS's settings form menu and start using functions like =bz_stream_news("Symbol") and many more. 

Find "Why is it moving?" and "Why it did move?"

Seamless integration of Benzinga's news content with MarketXLS