Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio Optimisation

The Portfolio Optimization with MarketXLS calculates the optimal capital weightings for a basket of investments that gives the highest return for the least risk. The MarketXLS add-in enables it to be applied to either financial instrument or business portfolios. The ability to apply optimization analysis to a portfolio represents an excellent framework for driving capital …

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Dividend Growth Investing

Dividend growth investing has long been the strategy of choice for both new and seasoned investors. Instead of relying on fluctuating share prices and unstable markets to hopefully make a profit, dividend stocks provide a steady, reliable income. Generated by a portfolio of shares in companies with a track record of paying consistent and increasing …

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Penny Stock Investing (Risks, Rewards & Characteristics)

Penny Stock Investing

What is a Penny Stock Equity investments are known as “Penny Stocks” are one of the riskiest investments that investors can participate in. Penny stocks are any stock that trades outside of the major stock exchanges and trade at prices generally less than $10.00 per share. Even though Penny Stock Investing can be hugely profitable, …

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Fundamental Analysis of Stocks with MarketXLS

Fundamental analysis of stocks is the key method of determining a stock’s real or “fair market” value. Fundamental analysts search for stocks that are currently trading at prices that are higher or lower than their real value. With the MarketXLS add-in, you will be able to create highly flexible templates for the analysis of companies …

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Mutual Funds Prices in Excel (With MarketXLS Addin)

The United States enjoy a massive mutual fund base. The availability of so many mutual fund investment opportunities, however, comes with the challenge of proper market analysis. Considering that past performances are no longer an indicator of improved dividends and capital gains in the future, mutual fund investors need to base their analysis on the …

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Financial Ratio Analysis in Excel (Download Excel Template)

Ratio Analysis in Excel

Ratio Analysis, also known as Financial Statement Analysis, involves evaluating the financial statements of companies, and comparing those results to similar companies; typically within the same sector or industry. Because ratios are most useful when compared to other ratios, and it is important to compare relevant ratios. Example; Ratio Analysis would not be useful in …

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Thinking of a takeover…Well how about ‘The Acquirer’s Multiple’

The Acquirer’s Multiple – BackgroundMany people have heard of the infamous Magic Formula documented by Joel Greenblatt in his book “The Little Book That Beats the Market” which is a direct quantitative value investment model in ranking stocks by price and ROIC. In a similar nature, The Acquirer’s Multiple founded by Tobias Carlisle is a …

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Monthly Dividend Stocks (3 good monthly dividend stocks)

Why Monthly Dividend Stocks Seasoned investors interpret dividends as the cash payments disbursed to shareholders monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually; or frankly the system for reinvestments. As for the beginning investor – dividends can be treated as passive income. It is pretty straightforward – corporate earnings not used for expansion are issued to shareholders periodically. …

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Modern Portfolio Theory (Application with MarketXLS portfolio)

Modern Portfolio Theory

Modern Portfolio Theory Harry Markowitz introduced Modern Portfolio Theory  in 1951 in his paper “Portfolio theory”. This theory has completely revolutionized the way of what we know of investment philosophy. This theory builds on the foundation that every set of investors, be it risk verse or risk averse, wants to optimize returns with minimum risk as …

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Cash Conversion Cycle

What is Cash Conversion Cycle? The cash conversion cycle (CCC) is an inventory efficiency and cash flow metric. Companies use CCC to determine the number of days that it takes to convert resources inputs into cash flows. The purpose of the CCC is to measure the length of time each dollar, put into the business, …

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