How to manage your option trades (explained with template)

Managing & Tracking option trades

A lot of the beginners are not able to make sense of some of the functions or components of a strategy that online tracking platforms offer, especially when it comes to options. Its better to always start with something that is easy to understand and that can be customized, as and when the need arises. …

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Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities – LEAPS Options

LEAPS Options

Options Trading or Futures Markets officially began in 1973 on the Wall Street but the concept and the market has been in place long before that. It was believed that the Japanese began the practice of exchanging money or goods in the promise of an amount of rice during the season. This was believed to …

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High volume penny stocks (filter penny stocks using MarketXLS)

Penny stocks

They say, the more risk you are willing to take the more will be the reward. This is true in the case of penny stocks. You might have heard of the term at least once. If you are new to the stock market and intend to stick around for long, it would do you good …

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Manage and track short call options (step by step guide)

short call tracking and management

Short Call Lets break this thing into parts. A short position on an option means that you are selling an option contract. In simple words it means that you are giving the right to the buyer of the option contract to exercise the option on or before its expiry date at a predetermined strike price. …

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Calls and Call Ratio Backspread (Explained with Real Time Data)

call ratio backspread

Options Trading has intrigued people since its inception. Call Options and Put Options are an integral part of Options Trading. Call Options are financial contracts that offer the buyer the right to buy a stock, asset, bond at a specified price within a specific time period.  If an investor buys a call option for $20 …

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The wheel strategy for options (explained with example)

The wheel option trading startegy

So, you had a conversation with a friend or probably read a book about options. Being a newbie, you search about the strategies to trade options and stumble upon the “wheel options strategy”. Thumbs up to your research work. Now you surf through various websites and intend to learn the strategy. Good news for you, …

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Stock Drawdown

What is a drawdown? A drawdown (usually understood as maximum stock drawdown) is an indicator of downside risk over a specified period of time. It is both highly useful when analyzing a potential investment and also easy to understand for professionals and non-professionals alike. A drawdown is defined as a peak-to-trough decline over a specified …

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On Balance Volume (formula in Excel)

On Balance Volume in Excel offers On Balance Volume excel based utilities to enhance your personal spreadsheets. Utilizing the security identifier and a date rage, we can generate OBV trend lines allowing us to enhance our charting capabilities by provide a powerful analytical tool. Historically the On Balance Volume indicator has been a valuable …

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Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy

Bollinger BandsNamed after famous technical analyst John Bollinger in 1983, Bollinger Bands are a notable technical analysis technique used by many investors. Traders use this technique to determine whether a stock is being overbought or oversold. When prices move near the upper band, the more overbought the security is and when the price reaches the …

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Covered Call Income Generation (With Excel Template)

Covered Call Income Generation

Investors who generally follow a buy and hold strategy can make an extra income by adding options to their portfolio. In this article, we will learn about the covered call income generation strategy and how investors who are long underlying stocks can generate additional income with minimal risk. At the end of the article, you …

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