Stock Drawdown

What is a drawdown? A drawdown (usually understood as maximum stock drawdown) is an indicator of downside risk over a specified period of time. It is both highly useful when analyzing a potential investment and also easy to understand for professionals and non-professionals alike. A drawdown is defined as a peak-to-trough decline over a specified …

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Using MarketXLS to find the best covered call option to sell, based on your situation

Covered Call Income Generation

Uses Excel filtering, sorting, and creation of some calculated fields. I invest in dividend stocks because I want to create an income stream that will pay for my expenses when I retire in a few months. You can read about my basic approach to dividend investing and using MarketXLS in that context here: Ultimately, I would …

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On Balance Volume (formula in Excel)

On Balance Volume in Excel offers On Balance Volume excel based utilities to enhance your personal spreadsheets. Utilizing the security identifier and a date rage, we can generate OBV trend lines allowing us to enhance our charting capabilities by provide a powerful analytical tool. Historically the On Balance Volume indicator has been a valuable …

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Covered Call Income Generation (With Excel Template)

Covered Call Income Generation

Investors who generally follow a buy and hold strategy can make an extra income by adding options to their portfolio. In this article, we will learn about the covered call income generation strategy and how investors who are long underlying stocks can generate additional income with minimal risk. At the end of the article, you …

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