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Can I use this on multiple machines?

Wed Jun 16 2021
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MarketXLS License is floating by nature. This means that the license can itself be applied to any number of machines. However, one license will only work on one machine at a time. Let’s say you are using the license on machine A and then you want to use the same on machine B. You can simply apply the license key on machine A and apply it to machine B and start using machine B.

Once, you do that MarketXLS installed on machine A will stop working. If you want to use machine A then you can simply re-apply the same license on machine A and start using it.

If you want to avoid this then you can simply get a new license key for the additional machine at a 50% discount with the coupon code “extract”. The link below has the coupon code already applied and you will get instant delivery of your new license. https://sites.fastspring.com/marketxls/instant/personalmarketxlsproannualm4?coupon=extrapc

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