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Is there some way to stop MarketXLS from updating automatically?

MarketXLS functions work just like normal Excel functions, if you have a large spreadsheet with all the formulas in there, every time you do operations like sorting/filtering, etc, MarketXLS functions will automatically calculate and go to the servers to get new information. This sometimes has an impact on the usability of Excel sheets.

To solve this issue it is best to copy and paste all the Formula results as Values once you have got the data. A lot of information does not change frequently like the close price of a specific day in the past will always be the same. So, unless you want the data to be updated continuously (like maybe for real-time prices) please copy and paste the formula cells as values.

Another option is to turn Excel into Manual Mode.

In case you see no menu in Excel for MarketXLS it may have been disabled. To enable MarketXLS… Go to File>>Options>> Add-ins>> COM Add-ins and if you have MarketXLS disabled there then enable it.

If this does not solve it try installing it again as an administrator by downloading the .msi file from the email that you received.

Alternatively, you can also try to repair your Microsoft Excel. To repair Microsoft Excel, follow these steps:

  • Go to Control Panel> Programs
  • Right-click on Microsoft Office/ Microsoft Excel> Select Change
  • A pop-up will appear.
  • Click on repair and follow the steps further.
  • Repair excel

You may get N/A or NA when there is no information for a given stock. This may have many causes. For example. The particular stock may not have information at a given time. The Stock in question may be in a different stock market to the ones you have subscribed to. There are many reasons that this might happen. Please ask our support team to look into it, we would be more than happy to help.

The amount of hard disk space you need on your computer/laptop is very small indeed. It is needed for some templates. There would also be a little market data which is stored in a very efficient manner. The MarketXLS software add-on to Excel is also very small as it is coded very efficiently by our team of developers.


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