Barchart Advanced Option Functions – Optional Addon

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This function requires an optional addon subscription from Barchart API. MarketXLS integrates with Barchart options API and exposes the following functions for Options Intraday pricing and Option Historical Pricing.

Following functions are available with an OPTIONAL barchart subscription specifically for Options Data…

Barchart_Option_Open(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_ExpirationType(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_Volatility(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_Delta(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_Gamma(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_Theta(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_Vega(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_Rho(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_Bid(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_BidSize(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_BidDate(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_Ask(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_AskSize(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_AskDate(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_High(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_Low(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_Last(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_Change(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_PercentChange(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_Premium(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_Settlement(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_LastTradeDate(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_Volume(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_OpenInterest(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_Expirations(symbol As String)
Barchart_Option_History(symbol As String)

To use these functions….

1) Enter your API Key and save

2) Change the formulae mode to “Group Mode”

3) Create a new List of Underlying symbols for which you need Option data.

4) Once you have the symbols loaded, you can use the functions. As shown in the screenshots below…