Caching in MarketXLS

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Some data that MarketXLS gets does not change by the minute, so it make sense for such data to be cached. This should greatly increase the speed and usability of Excel files when using with MarketXLS.

From the release version the default installs of MarketXLS will have caching enabled.

Quotes – Prices, last, ask, bid and such data that changes by the minute will be cached for 30 seconds
Historical Data and Key statistics will be cached for a session (session means from when you open Excel to when you close Excel).

Lets say you put a function like =Last(“MSFT”), now for next 30 seconds if you call, refresh this function again the data will be returned from the memory of your PC and not from the server.

And other functions, like =hf_Revenue(“MSFT”,”2015″), will be cached for the full session. As these numbers will not change during your session.

If required you can destroy the cache by clicking the button shown in the picture below…