Barchart Advanced Option Functions – Optional Addon

This function requires an optional addon subscription from Barchart API. MarketXLS integrates with Barchart options API and exposes the following functions for Options Intraday pricing and Option Historical Pricing. Following functions are available with an OPTIONAL barchart subscription specifically for Options Data… Barchart_Option_Open(symbol As String) Barchart_Option_ExpirationType(symbol As String) Barchart_Option_Volatility(symbol As String) Barchart_Option_Delta(symbol As String) Barchart_Option_Gamma(symbol … Read moreBarchart Advanced Option Functions – Optional Addon

How to use Forex functions in MarketXLS

All currency functions in MarketXLS need Source currency Symbol and the target currency symbol. Always, 1st symbol is the source and the second is symbol. In the FX_Convert function provide the value to convert first and then provide the source and the target currency symbols. =Fx_Ask(“USD”,”GBP”) – This will get the current Ask Price of … Read moreHow to use Forex functions in MarketXLS

Using MarketXLS functions

MarketXLS functions are custom functions which work exactly like any other Excel functions. Start type the function and Excel will suggest similar sounding functions for you to use. Along with inbuilt Excel functions the new MarketXLS functions will also show up. For example, if you want to use Mutual Funds related functions start typing “=” … Read moreUsing MarketXLS functions

Historical Fundamental Functions

Historical fundamental functions are available in Pro Version. This category of function can be accessed through Excel’s in built function menu as shown below: All functions in this category start from a prefix “hf_” hf stands for “Historical Fundamentals”. These functions can be used to get historical values (quarterly, yearly, TTM) of fundamentals from a … Read moreHistorical Fundamental Functions

mxls_db_query function

This function allows you to query MarketXLS databases with formulas database on our servers to get useful insights about the price & volume. Function Structure: =Mxls_db_query(“What Database”, “What Symbol”, “What do you want to query” i.e. Volume, Open, High, Low, Close, Dividend, Split, returns “, “How do you want to aggregate” i.e. sum, average, max, … Read moremxls_db_query function