Data download location

MarketXLS has an option in settings form which allows you to select where the data tables will be downloaded. Selection: This will make all downloaded data tables to be downloaded at one cell to the right and down of your active selection. Ask Me: This will ask you to select a cell where you want … Read moreData download location

knowledge-base How to use VBA to call MarketXlS Api in Excel for stock data

Please use this code below to get Market data with MarketXLS API. Sub Test() Dim objRequest As Object Dim strResponse As String Dim blnAsync As Boolean Set objRequest = CreateObject(“WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1”) blnAsync = True With objRequest .Open “GET”, ““, blnAsync .setRequestHeader “x-api-key”, “Enter your Key here” .send .WaitForResponse strResponse = .responseText Debug.Print strResponse Debug.Print .Status End … Read moreknowledge-base How to use VBA to call MarketXlS Api in Excel for stock data

Caching in MarketXLS

Some data that MarketXLS gets does not change by the minute, so it make sense for such data to be cached. This should greatly increase the speed and usability of Excel files when using with MarketXLS. From the release version the default installs of MarketXLS will have caching enabled. Quotes – Prices, last, ask, … Read moreCaching in MarketXLS