Custom Charts in Excel with MarketXLS

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MarketXLS charts are super easy to use and optimized for plotting stock market information. In another article we learnt about Quick Charts in Excel with MarketXLS. Apart from quick charts you can also create custom charts in excel using any data set.

Simply click on any data series and click on the chart buttons on menu. Unlike normal Excel charts, MarketXLS charts try to figure out what your data table has and then plot each series as it goes along columns from left to right. If there is a date column it will automatically plot the date and time series on x axis. So, these charts are optimized for time series plotting. Also, the charts have crosshairs and they can be zoomed in an out by using mouse scroll.

The good thing is that you do not need to select any table like conventional way, all you do is select any data cells in your data table and click on chart. The selections do not have to be contagious, you can simply select any cells by using “Control” button. So, lets say for example you have data table like below…

Use your mouse scroll button with SHIFT to scroll in or out of the charts.

Click on Shift and drag the mouse pointer to Zoom in or out of any chart.