How to get Upcoming Ex-Dividend Dates in MS Excel with MarketXLS

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MarketXLS gives data for Upcoming Ex-Dividend Dates in MS Excel. But first lets understand the term and its importance.

What is Ex-Dividend?
Ex-dividend is a classification of trading shares when a declared dividend belongs to the seller rather than the buyer. A stock will be given ex-dividend status if a person has been confirmed by the company to receive the dividend payment.

What is Ex-Dividend Date?
When a company decides to declare a dividend, its board of directors establishes a record date. This is the date when a person must be on the company’s record as a shareholder to receive the dividend payment.

Why its knowledge is important?
Investors need to buy the dividend-paying stock at least three days before the record date, since trades take three days to settle.

How can you get Upcoming Ex-Dividend Dates in MS Excel using MarketXLS?
1) Click on Upcoming Ex-Dividend Dates under Stock Screeners option in the MarketXLS tab in Microsoft Excel. It will show you the upcoming Ex-Dividend dates for Stocks and ETFs.

2) You can now sort the data Yield wise and take data for top yielding stocks and ETFs.

3) More the Dividend Yield value, better is the Stocks/ETF for buying.