How to install MarketXLS

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Installing MarketXLS is easy.

    • Double click on the .msi installer file you received in your email.
    • Follow the instructions on the screen and in the end, you should receive a message that says “MarketXLS Registration Succeeded”
    • Once you see this message you should verify that MarketXLS is correctly installed. You can verify this by …1St checking if you have the menu appear in Excel ribbon.

    • And then, by checking if you see all the new functions correctly loaded in Excel. You can do that by go to Excel’s inbuilt function browser like shown below.

    • If you see the functions and the menu it means MarketXLS installed successfully.
    • In case you do not see either the menu or the functions in the function browser, check if MarketXLS is disabled in Excel’s add-in menu. To go to Excel’s addin menu click on File>>Options>> Addins. If you see MarketXLS or any addin that starts with “adx” disabled then enable them.