How to post to Stocktwits or Twitter with MS Excel using MarketXLS (Any version 2013, 2016)

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MarketXLS lets you post to twitter with Excel. You can post your excel tables, excel charts, a range of cells, charts produced by MarketXLS or simple text messages to Stocktwits or Twitter. There is no other easier way to share your post to twitter with Excel . You can also share useful trends and stock alerts on Twitter or Stocktwits and increase your social media presence.

Below are many scenarios on how you can post to Twitter or Stocktwits.

To post an Excel table (or a range of cells)

  1. Select a range of cells
  2. Right click
  3. And click on “Share with Stocktwits” or Share with Twitter
  4. MarketXLS will take a picture of the selected range and show a form
  5. In this form you can post the text message that will be posted as the message/description to the image of the table

To post an Excel native chart

  1. Select the cells below the embedded chart in excel.
  2. Make sure that the selected range fully covers the chart
  3. Right click and click appropriate buttons to share the chart along with the message the same way as above

To post charts created by MarketXLS

  1. All MarketXLS charts system have buttons on the top left to simply share them on Twitter or Stocktwits.
  2. Click the buttons and enter your message that you want to be posted with the chart. Prefixing the symbols with “$” tag will turn them in to a hyperlink on Twitter & Stocktwits. Please see the example below of a message along with the chart.