How to stream real time data with Quotemedia’s MarketXLS Addons

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Streaming data

The function to use to stream the real time data is =qm_stream_Value(“Last”,”Symbol”). Instead of the Last price you can also put in bid, ask, volume or another other value supported by Quotemedia Quote service.

MarketXLS will only start streaming content to your cell with this function if the markets are open (i.e. the symbol is trading at the time) and the “Real time Mode” is enabled.

To enable real time mode, go to Settings/Help>>Settings>>Data Subscriptions>>Quotemedia and then enable the “Real time mode” checkbox below.

When this box is checked it essentially tells MarketXLS that it should start a socket connection with Quotemedia’s server and start streaming the data in the cells with =QM_stream_value functions.

To make it easier for you, we have also created some extra functions which only take one argument which is the symbol. So, instead of using =qm_stream_value(“last”,”symbol”), you can also use =qm_stream_last(“symbol”).

To see the list of all streaming functions simply start typing in any Excel cell =qm_stream_. Excel will then show you all the functions available like shown below…

Once you have that setup. You will see a checkbox like shown below that says “Real time mode”, when you are in the real time mode then MarketXLS will connect to Quotemedia’s service and the cells that contain the formula should start streaming the data.

The cells will change their color by default depending on the arriving values.