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How do I get values for the Dow Industrials, S&P 500, and NASDAQ?
​S&P 500 – ^SPX
Russell 1000 US RUSSELL – ^RUI
Russell 2000 Growth US – ^RUO
Dow Jones – ^DJI

***Indices require additional purchase  via our partner Quotemedia Inc***​


How to get Canadian Stocks Data?
For Canadian stocks simply append .TO at the end of the symbols. =Ask(“IPL.TO”) or use “:CA” in the end.

Will I be able to get open, high, low, close, volume in 30-minute increments for a ticker?
Yes you can. Like shown below… You will however require Barchart data subscription along with MarketXLS.

I am attempting to log into the Market XLS website and it tells me my email is incorrect?
MarketXLS website and forum has no link with the software purchase email. You will need to register on the forum to use it

Is there historical data for options prices?
Yes, with additional data subscription, you can get historical prices for individual options contracts.

Is there some way to keep marketXLS from updating automatically?MarketXLS tries to update everything whenever the sheet recalculates. Is there anyway to completely block marketXLS from updating automatically?

MarketXLS functions work just like normal Excel functions, if you have a large spreadsheet with all the formulas in there, every time you do operations like sorting/filtering etc, marketXLS functions will automatically calculate and go to the servers to get new information.

This sometimes have impact on usability on Excel sheets. To solve this issue it is best to copy and paste all the Formula results as Values once you have got the data. A lot of information does not change frequently like close price of a specific day in past will always be the same.

So, unless you want the data to be updating continuously (like may be for real time prices) please copy and paste the formula cells as values.

Another option is to turn Excel into Manual Mode

My Excel hangs due to too many calculations, and I am not able to do anything until it finishes.

When you press refresh selected, make sure you select the cells and not the full row or the column.

How do I transfer license to a new PC/Computer?
All licenses are floating. That means you will be able to install and use MarketXLS on any number of PCs. However, only one machine will be active at one time. You can simply apply the same license on any machine. If you want to simultaneously use MarketXLS on 2 or machines you may need additional license.

Do the technical analysis and pattern scan features work if I import my own data and use the same formatting?
Yes. Absolutely.

Lost Formulas, everything shows NA
Try to see if you marketXLS is disabled in Excel. You can do that by going to File>>Options>>Addins>>Com Addins

If it is disabled then enable it.

You can also try a reinstall. Or repair your Excel by going to control panel, Software and Features, look for marketXLS and right click to repair.

Market Capitalization for London and Deutsche Boerse
The MarketCap with function =MarketCapitalization(“symbol”) is calculated using the shares outstanding from the last filed annual or quarterly report. So, it could be a bit different from the current market Cap.

MarketXLS Disappeared from Menu
In case you see no menu in Excel for MarketXLS it may have been disabled. To enable MarketXLS…

Go to File>>Options>> Addins>> COM Addins and if you have MarketXLS disabled there then enable it.

If this does not solve it try installing it again as an administrator by downloading the .msi file from the mail that you received.

Alternatively, you can also try to repair your Microsoft Excel. To repair Microsoft Excel, follow these steps:

Go to Control Panel> Programs
Right click on Microsoft office/ Microsoft Excel> Select Change
A pop-up will appear (like below). Click on repair and follow the steps further.
repair excel