Performing Technical Analysis in Excel Using MarketXLS

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To perform technical analysis in excel using MarketXLS, click on any indicator on the menu and follow the prompts that show up. Prompts want you to select appropriate series of data. In some case you only need to provide a series of close prices and in many other you need to select OHLC pricing.

Please not that you only need to select the range which has the data only EXCLUDING headers. Normally, MarketXLS will ask you to enter parameters like which time period, type of average to use, lookback period etc. All the prompts will have default values populated for you. In case you do not want any prompts and you want to use default values, you may select the option in the settings form as shown below.

When MarketXLS is done calculating the indicators it will ask you for a cell where you want the result to show up. Select only one cell and result will come up there. Please note that these calculations work for any data that you have in Excel and are not limited to data provided by MarketXLS. So, if you have daily minute by minute OHLC data for any exchange or symbol, you can use all these calculators on those as well.

These calculators however assume a few rules for the data:

  • The dates are formatted like the same shown above and are “dates” and not strings that look like dates
  • The data is sorted by date in descending order

The technical analysis in excel functionality of MarketXLS provides almost every technical on your list. This includes overlap studies, volatility indicators, momentum indicators, volume indicators, pattern recognition and a growing list of more functions and data. You can combine the research from technical analysis with fundamental data provided by MarketXLS to perform powerful analysis.