Portfolio Management In Excel

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Performing Portfolio Management in Excel with MarketXLS is a breeze. You can store unlimited portfolios and transactions. It identifies you from the email id stored in your license. Simply right click anywhere in Excel and you will see a contextual menu. Essentially you have 2 entities in portfolio management module, Portfolios and Transactions. So you add your portfolios and then you add transactions to it.

To add a portfolio, click on a cell that has the name of the portfolio and click on add.

Similarly, if you want to add transactions in this portfolio, right click on the portfolio and click on add transactions. You can add transactions one by one or you can also add multiple transactions at once. Click on Add.

Use the form to update your transactions. Once you have transactions in your portfolio you can also list them by simply selecting the cell with your portfolio name and clicking on List Transactions.

To delete transactions from your portfolio, click on the transaction id and click on delete transaction.

To delete a portfolio delete the transactions in your portfolio first and then select a cell with valid portfolio name and click on delete.

Learn more about MarketXLS portfolio management capabilities.

Once you have your portfolio and transaction updated, click on any cell that has name of one of your valid portfolio and then click on Dashboard on the menu. With marketxls you take your portfolio management in excel to a new level with it automatically calculating following results:

  • Average daily return on your portfolio
  • Details about your portfolio on allocation by industry and symbols
  • Average daily return and standard deviation on individual stocks and portfolio as a whole
  • Optimized portfolio and optimized portfolio’s sharpe ratio.
  • Optimized portfolio calculations currently will try to maximize the sharp ratio so you have maximum possible return on minimum.