Using MarketXLS functions

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MarketXLS functions are custom functions which work exactly like any other Excel functions. Start type the function and Excel will suggest similar sounding functions for you to use. Along with inbuilt Excel functions the new MarketXLS functions will also show up. For example, if you want to use Mutual Funds related functions start typing “=” and MF, for Options start typing Options. For Stocks category no prefix is there. Just start typing what you need.

To check which functions are available go to Excel’s function browse and you can browse through all the available functions.

Now, select the category you need and you should see all the functions.

Apart from a very few like most of MarketXLS functions take “Symbol” as an argument. The symbol does not necessarily need to be a stock, it can be an ETF, a stock option contract of an index. As long as the symbol is recognized the result will appear in the cell.

Currency Functions have more arguments and parameters to be supplied which are prompted automatically by Excel. The following are some usage examples…