Using Methods in QM_List()

Last Updated On December 15, 2018
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Quotemedia’s API provides you access to over 80 methods to get different types of data.  For example, a method called ‘getHistory’ allows you to get historical data for any stock for a given period. Other examples include GetIntraday Price History, Get Option Chains, Get Enhanced Fund Data ( fundgroup ,legalstatus, trusttype, annual return NAV, skewness, beta, sharperatio, stockholdings,  weighting  etc ).

Function: =QM_List(“Method”, “Parameter1”, “Parameter Value 1”,   “Parameter2”, “Parameter Value 2″,……,”Parameter N”, “Parameter Value N”)

The QM_List functions allows you to get the data from the Quotemedia’s API for any of these methods. The functions generally returns the data in a tabular (list-like) form. For example

For example, to to get intraday history for a symbol use the function as shown below:

=QM_List(“getIntervals”, “symbol”,”MSFT”, “interval”,”5″).

So the structure of this function is as follows:

=QM_List(“What data set you need – the name if the method”, “Parameter1”, “Parameter Value 1”,   “Parameter2”, “Parameter Value 2″,……,”Parameter N”, “Parameter Value N”)

NOTE: QM_List methods are available depending on the data package you have purchased from Quotemedia. For example, if you have purchased Options data package from Quotemedia, you will be able to access options related methods only.

List of Methods

Below is a list of all the methods available. The links take you to the documentation of each function on Quotemedia’s support portal.

  1. getEnhancedQuotes
  2. getQuotesMini
  3. getChartData
  4. getIndicatorsBySymbol
  5. getHistory
  6. getFullHistory
  7. getExchangeHistory
  8. getHeadlines
  9. getHeadlinesticker
  10. getHeadlinesStory
  11. getInsiderSummaryBySymbol
  12. getEarningsEventsBySymbol
  13. getEarningsEstimates
  14. getEarningsEstimatesByCountry
  15. getEarningsEstimatesBySymbol
  16. getEarningsPreannouncementsByCountry
  17. getEarningsSurprisesByCountry
  18. getEarningsSurprisesBySymbol
  19. getMarketStats
  20. getIntervals
  21. getIntraday
  22. getIntradayHistory
  23. getRecentTradesBySymbol
  24. getHistoricTradesBySymbol
  25. getBasicFundData
  26. getOptions
  27. getOptionChain
  28. getOptionQuotes
  29. getOptionChainSymbols
  30. getRecentOptionStats
  31. getCompanybysymbol
  32. getCompanyLogos
  33. getProfiles
  34. getAnalyst 
  35. getBrokerratingsByCountry
  36. getDividendsByExchange
  37. getDividendsByCountry
  38. getDividendsBySymbol
  39. getListingChangesByCountry
  40. getLookupSymbols
  41. getMarketActivityStats
  42. getMarketOpenStatus

Note: In order to view the documentation, you will need to register and create a new account in QuoteMedia’s support portal. When you click on any of the above links, you will be prompted to register or login to create a free account.