MarketXLS International Version

MarketXLS Core - International Version 

MarketXLS does not have data for your country right now, but we do have a core version of MarketXLS which allows you to create amazing dynamic stock charts in excel and calculate more than 100 technical indicators on the fly, to backtest your stock positions in Excel and do a lot more for your investing.

The core - version for MarketXLS is available at the link below at a very reasonable price for one time license fee with one year support included. This means you do not have to pay any recurring fee it's a software you buy and keep for yourself to use.

MarketXLS Charts

  • Stunning stock charts in Excel
  • Make your own charts with any dataset in Excel
  • Customize your charts, add panels, in-built indicators, multiple axis and so on
  • Zoom in – Zoom out of charts with dynamic dates handling
  • Exports charts in multiple formats
  • Annotate Candlestick patterns on chart
  • Auto-identification of data series, no settings needed
  • Maximize chart windows without distortion of clarity
  • Open multiple charts in Excel at a time
  • Much more interactive and dynamic than native charts in excel
marketxls charts
marketxls charts
marketxls charts
marketxls charts
MarketXLS Charts
marketxls charts
marketxls charts
MarketXLS Charts

Technical Analysis in Excel with MarketXLS

  • Perform Technical Analysis in Excel with 120+ Technical Indicators
  • Run groups of Indicators including on your data
  • Customize everything including time period, MA types etc while calculating indicators
  • Run with default inputs with most popular indicator settings. Like look back period when calculating averages.
  • Annotate patterns in data and see their impact
  • Run Pattern Scan report - for actionable insights with technical indicators
  • Back-test your trades and trading strategy in Excel
technical analysis in Excel
technical analysis in Excel
technical analysis in Excel
technical analysis in Excel
technical analysis in Excel

Share your Excel Analysis and Charts with the World as images

  • Share any content in Excel to Stocktwits and Twitter by tagging stock symbols with a simple right click in Excel
  • A huge time-saver if you want to build your following around community of fellow investors and traders
  • Use content in Excel as a message (by simply selecting the text) or type your own.
marketxls social media
marketxls social media
marketxls social media
marketxls social media

Real Time & Historical Stock Data Integration
(Optional - Paid Ad-don)

  • With an optional ad-don to this version you can stream real time data into Excel
  • Download upto tick historical data with a few clicks
  • The data is provided by our partner Barchart Inc. 
  • The available data is listed here
  • There is no data that comes in by default with this version and this addon is completely optional and charged by Barchart under a separate arrangement

Common Questions

Does this version includes data?

No, the data is not bundled in with this version. All we provide with this version is the functionality and integrations.

Does this work with Mac?

This will work with any version for Excel on Windows Machines. On a MAC it can run on a Windows VM installed on a MAC. But it does not work on MAC by default.

How long is my license valid for?

This is a perpetual product. So, there are no subscriptions. You pay for it once and use it until when you like. 

Support & Upgrades

Support & Upgrades are available for 1 Year from the date or purchase. If after 1 year you want to get upgrades then we may charge a small fee (around 30% or original price paid)

What data does barchart data feed cover?

Please see this link here for all the data that is covered by Barchart feed and their prices. 

Can I use my own data?

Of course you can. The functionality described above can be used with any Time series data for analysis. 

What about all other functionality shown on this website?

This version will only have the functionality and shown  on this page. Other MarketXLS's subscription based product deliver data from our own servers, this one does not that is why its not a subscription. 

Do you plan other data integration. 

Yes, we are working to integrate more data vendors and brokers with this product. 

Can I use this on multiple PCs?

Yes, the license is floating so can be used on any machine as long as its not used on multiple machines simultaneously with one license. 

Licencing Options

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