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Plans & pricing

Why spend thousands on institutional research & data platforms when you can get it all in Excel for just around $40 a month? Get access to 1 Billion market data points in your Excel.

Per Year

For longer term investors, value investors, personal portfolio managers

Live Stocks/ETFs/FX Data*

Historical Data

Stock Screeners

Technical Analysis

Historical Fundamentals

Advanced Pattern Scan

Portfolio Management

Financial Statements

EPS & Prices Estimates

Valuation functions

Key Statistics

Personal Use
Pro Plus
Per Year

For Options Traders, longer term investors, personal portfolio managers

Pro Included

Option Chains & Live Quotes

Options History

Mutual Funds (PD*)

MarketXLS Analysis Functions 

Stock Valuation Functions

Analysts Price Targets

All MarketXLS Templates

Historical Data with functions

Dynamic Data Tables

Dividend/Splits History

Pro Plus RT
Per Year

For Intra-day stocks, options, forex traders and longer term investors.

Pro Plus Included

Real Time Options

Real Time Stocks#

Real Time Forex

Streaming Technical Indicators

Options Valuations Models

Options Strategy Calculator

Options Ranker

Options Scanner

On-boarding Call

Advisor Use
Per Month/Per Seat

Pro Plus Included

Libor Rates

Bank/Fed Rates

LSE Market




SPOT Market Metals

Canadian Options/MFs

* Pro and Pro Plus data is delayed by 15 Minutes. ^ Pro Plus RT has all real-time streaming data.  PD = Previous Day  #Updates from BATS 

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Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing plugin, you can get a pro-rata refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund. 

Additional Data Bundles (Optional)

  • North America
  • International





Real Time

NASDAQ/NYSE (Inc. OTC/Pink Sheets)


Included by default



Mutual Funds

Included in Pro plus or Buy for $9 (PD)



Included in Pro plus or Buy for $16





Mutual Funds




Spot Market Metals

Futures and Commodities


Futures and Commodities


Futures and Commodities


Futures and Commodities


Futures and Commodities





All pricing mentioned in the table above is monthly. The data above comes from our data Partner Quotemedia

Great quality product? You Don’t Have to Take Our Word for It!
Checkout the testimonials below.

Patrick Cusatis, Ph.D., CFA Associate Professor of Finance - Penn State University

I use MarketXLS to manage my personal portfolio. I can easily pull in stock quotes, betas, and dividends. I also like to access historical closing prices on a particular date. That makes tracking performance easy.

Jim Grant Uses MarketXLS for personal money management

MarketXLS greatly expanded my ability to analyze investments. MSN Stock Quotes was limited in the number of stock quotes it would handle in one spreadsheet and in the number of variables available. Many of them were worthless.

Dave Part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011

MarketXLS is a data junkie’s dream. Having access to infinite data points stored within the confines of your spreadsheet with the flexibility to scientifically manipulate and mine for hidden treasures.

Kevin Hsu

MarketXLS is a complete Excel stock solution

Samir Khan

I’m pretty happy with MarketXLS. I can now concentrate on manipulating financial data, valuing stocks and making investment decisions, rather than hacking around with VBA or copying/pasting data from websites.

Robert Murray Professional Options Trader

MarketXLS let’s me do what I do best, trade

Common Questions

Where does the data come from?

Quotes data comes Quotemedia is 15 minutes delayed. Historical data, fundamental data come from multiple sources. The data is aggregated, transformed, cleaned and maintained on our secured servers and delivered through MarketXLS API. Real time live data is also available via Quotemedia's or Barchart's subscription

Does this work with Mac?

This will work with any version for Excel on Windows Machines. On a MAC it can run on a Windows VM installed on a MAC. But it does not work on MAC by default.

How do I contact you?

Email us at support @ Or call us at US toll-free 1-877-778-8358.

Bloggers and Educators Discount?

If you are a full time blogger or an educator, you may get a discount on your purchase of MarketXLS. Contact us to submit your request.

How do I learn the software?

If you know how to use Excel then you already know how to use MarketXLS. There may however be some functions which you may need to be aware of. You learn those refer to our Knowledgebase.

Can I use my own data?

Of course you can. The functionality described above can be used with any Time series data. 

For what Countries and Exchanges this work?

MarketXLS works for US, Canadian, UK, and German & Australian* markets.

* Australian Exchange ASX - requires additional barchart subscription for live data. 

Is there a Money-back Guarantee?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on MarketXLS platform's annual pricing. The additional data is purchased on a monthly subscription basis. The money back guarantee is not available for additional data purchases.  Please refer to our refund policy here.

Can I use this on multiple PCs?

Yes, the license is floating so can be used on any machine as long as its not used on multiple machines simultaneously with one license. 

I am a Forex trader can MarketXLS benefit me?

Yes, of course. You should be able to stream real time forex pricing in Excel and create your own indicators.  

Does the data change automatically?

It depends on the functions you use and the data subscriptions you have. You can stream real time data and also get data on a "refresh on demand" basis. 

I trade US stocks and Options, which plan should I choose?

Even with the Basic version of MarketXLS and additional options data bundle you should be able to stream real time options data and get delayed live pricing for stocks and ETFs. All plans of MarketXLS give you the ability to buy additional data bundles.

Can I use VBA with MarketXLS functions?

Yes, of course. 

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, of course. You will have a link to manage your subscription and cancel anytime.

What happens before renewal?

We will send an email to notify you that your subscription is about to renew with a link to cancel it if you need to do that.

Professional User (Use) Definition

You are a Professional user if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You use the information for more than personal investment purposes.
  • You plan to furnish or use the information with any other person(s) as part of any type of business activity (customer service, investor relations, public relations financial planning, etc.) even if it is outside of the Securities marketplace.
  • You are registering as or on behalf of a firm, corporation, partnership, trust or association and not as an individual for personal use.
  • You are a securities broker-dealer, registered representative, investment advisor, investment banker, futures commission merchant, commodities introducing broker or commodity trading advisor, money manager, financial planning advisor, member of the Securities Exchange or Association or Futures Contract market, or any owner, partner or associated person of the foregoing.
  • You are employed by a bank or an insurance company or an affiliate of either performing functions related to securities or commodity futures investment or trading activity.