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  • Stock Quotes Functions
  • Currency Quotes Functions
  • Historical Data
  • Technical Analysis
  • Stock Screeners
  • Advanced Pattern Scans
  • Portfolio Management
  • Stunning Visualization
  • Useful Utilities and Apps



  • Basic Included
  • Historical data
  • Stock Screeners
  • Technical Analysis
  • Portfolio Management Basic*
  • Stunning Charts
  • Historical Fundamental Data
  • Advanced Pattern Scan
  • Utilities and Apps

 Pro (We Recommend)

  • Advanced Included
  • Historical Fundamental Data

  • Technical Analysis

  • Valuation Model Templates

  • Stock Screeners

  • Advanced Pattern Scan

  • Stunning Visualization

  • Utilities, Apps, Lists

  • Financial Statements

  • Dividend History

  • And a lot more

Additional  Real-Time Streaming Data Options available via Barchart's addon starting $49 a month

U.S. Equities
TSX Equities
Dow Jones Indices
S&P Indices
CBOE Indices
Nasdaq Indices

CFE Futures
ICE Canada (WCE) 

Australian Equities (delayed) 

ICE Europe
Euronext Commodities
Euronext Indices
BM&F Futures

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the data come from?

Quotes data comes Quotemedia is 15 minutes delayed. Historical data, fundamental data come from multiple sources. The data is aggregated, transformed, cleaned and maintained on our secured servers and delivered through MarketXLS API. Real time live data is also available for purchase with addons.

Will MarketXLS work on a MAC?

The default version will not work on MAC. But we have a google sheets addon which works on any machine.

How do I contact you?

Email us at support @

Do I have to pay for the data?

Almost all US and Canadian data is covered in the plans. All default data is delayed by around 15 minutes. Additional data bundles and real time data feeds can be purchased as addons.

Bloggers and Educators?

If you are a full time blogger or an educator, you may get a discount on your purchase of MarketXLS. Contact us here to submit your request. 

How do I get help to learn to use the software?

We are here to help right from the installation of the software till you meet your objectives. We have a detailed knowledgebase and custom developed support helpdesk. You can also email us or call us at information provided here. In general if you know to use Excel then you already know to use MarketXLS

After registering, can I move a license to another computer?

Yes, the license is floating and can be used on any machine. One license however, will not work on two machines simultaneously. 

Which version of Excel do you support?

We support all versions of Excel from 2003 to 2016.

Customer Reviews

MarketXLS is a one stop solution for technical and fundamental analysis. With MarketXLS I can do research (technical, fundamental, and options) the way I like, in Excel. In addition to the ever evolving software, the support has been stellar.

Marketxls greatly expanded my ability to analyze investments. MSN Stock Quotes was limited in the number of stock quotes it would handle in one spreadsheet and in the number of variables available. Many of them were worthless.

MarketXLS let’s me do what I do best, trade”. Robert Murray

“Perfect. Already installed MarketXLS, applied the license key, and tried. I works very well indeed. Great product!”