Option Profit Calculator Excel (Template)


option profit calculator

Option trading gives you great leverage while trading where you are able to control many more shares for your investment than if you were to just invest in shares. However, with this leverage comes a lot more risk as well.

This Option Profit Calculator Excel template will provide you with the ability to quickly find out your profit or loss given the price of the stock move a certain way at expiry. This option calculator s part of MarketXLS Pro Plus version. Book your demo to learn more.

MarketXLS provides many stock option related functions. These functions can get you real-time option chains, options history, and live prices. We have created an Option Profit Calculator Excel Template which integrates many these functions to provide a simple profit calculator.

The Excel template has some VBA code in it which call MarketXLS functions to pull the option chains automatically. All you need to do is enter the Symbol of the stock and program will download all active options contracts and their details. After getting the option chain for the stock this program will populate various dropdown, charts, etc for you to simply get started populating the legs of your option strategy.

There are no buttons to click to download the data, all you need to do is change the symbol and the data is automatically retrieved in the background. The template creates a chart that shows what would your P&L position be if all the options in your option strategy were to expire on their respective expiry dates. With this Excel template and options data from MarketXLS you instantly know what is likely to be the maximum profit or loss for your options strategies.

To get started with this template, you will need to have an active MarketXLS subscription with options data. Once you are able to access historical options data and option chain from MarketXLS, you should be able to simply enter your stock symbol as shown below and start choosing your option strategy legs using pre-populated active options contracts with easy to use Excel drop-downs.

The following block allows you to choose different Expiry dates, Strike prices and the trade direction.

Option profit

Depending on your choices the template then makes the option contract symbols and looks up various bits of information from the options table downloaded below.

The Scenario calculator allows you to select the strike prices at various active options and calculates the range of your profit or losses if the price reaches a certain level.

option calculator in Excel

The chart shows your P&L position as the price moves on the x-axis.

To take advantage of this Option Profit Calculator Excel template, and many other MarketXLS’s option-related functions try out MarketXLS today.