Stock Screener in Excel


You can screen stocks in Excel by hundreds of custom parameters, values, key ratios, prices, and fundamentals.

  • Screen markets with 10 years of key fundamental data
  • Build complex filter criteria with an unlimited number of filter conditions and comparisons
  • Mine financial statements for investment advantage with ease
  • Tree-like or Text-based filter editing style
  • Filter by comparing fields, indicators in history
  • Copy and paste screened stocks to excel sheet
  • Get 10 years of history of key ratios for any stock
  • Save your screen formulas as text in Excel sheets
  • Choose columns to show or hide to copy paste in Excel
  • You screener formula histories can be stored

Available Indicators

  • Financials
  • Key Ratios (Profitability)
  • Key Ratios (Growth)
  • Cash Flow Ratios
  • Balance Sheet Items 
  • Liquidity/Financial Health
  • Key Ratios (Efficiency)
  • Days Sales Outstanding
  • Days Inventory
  • Payables Period
  • Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Receivables Turnover
  • Inventory Turnover
  • Fixed Assets Turnover
  • Asset Turnover

Use MarketXLS's S&P 500 return screener to filter out stocks with good returns

Use MarketXLS to screen stocks with Overbought and Oversold RSI condition. We run all stocks on our server for RSI so you can simply download all the filtered ones sorted by RSI.

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