Current Ratio

A liquidity ratio that measures a company's ability to pay short-term obligations or those due within one year.

How calculated

Current Ratio = Current assets / Current liabilities ​ ​

Example usage

=hf_Current_Ratio("MSFT",2019) - Returns the value for the year 2019.
=hf_Current_Ratio("MSFT",2019,2) - Returns the value for the year 2019 and the calendar quarter 2
=hf_Current_Ratio("MSFT",2019,3,"TTM") - Returns the value for the year 2019 and trailing twelve months from the calendar quarter
=hf_Current_Ratio("MSFT","lq") - Returns the value for the last quarter
=hf_Current_Ratio("MSFT","lq-1") - Returns the value for the last quarter-1
=hf_Current_Ratio("MSFT","ly") - Returns the value for the last year
=hf_Current_Ratio("MSFT","ly-1") - Returns the value for the last year - 1
=hf_Current_Ratio("MSFT","lt") - Returns the value for the last 12 months.
=hf_Current_Ratio("MSFT","lt-1") - Returns the value for the previous last 12 months.


A ratio under 1 indicates that the company’s debts due in a year or less are greater than its assets—cash or other short-term assets expected to be converted to cash within a year or less. In theory, the higher the current ratio, the more capable a company is of paying its obligations because it has a larger proportion of short-term asset value relative to the value of its short-term liabilities. However, while a high ratio, say over 3, could indicate the company can cover its current liabilities three times, it may also indicate that it is not using its current assets efficiently, is not securing financing very well, or is not managing its working capital.


Current Ratio
StockCurrent Ratio
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