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This will take about 30 minutes where we will share our screen and walk you through the program.  Also, we will go over any specific questions you may have. If you want to just call now then call us at 1-877-778-8358

Your are in good company

MarketXLS is a complete Excel stock solution

Kevin Hsu StockKevin.com

MarketXLS is a data junkie’s dream. Having access to infinite data points stored within the confines of your spreadsheet with the flexibility to scientifically manipulate and mine for hidden treasures.

Dave Part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011

I’m pretty happy with MarketXLS. I can now concentrate on manipulating financial data, valuing stocks and making investment decisions, rather than hacking around with VBA or copying/pasting data from websites.

Samir Khan InvestExcel.net

MarketXLS greatly expanded my ability to analyze investments. MSN Stock Quotes was limited in the number of stock quotes it would handle in one spreadsheet and in the number of variables available. Many of them were worthless.

Jim Grant Uses MarketXLS for personal money management

MarketXLS let’s me do what I do best, trade

Robert Murray Professional Options Trader

MarketXLS is an Excel add-in that allows us to pull a whole range of financial data into our Excel directly and without much effort.

Axel DIYInvestor.de

I use MarketXLS to manage my personal portfolio. I can easily pull in stock quotes, betas, and dividends. I also like to access historical closing prices on a particular date. That makes tracking performance easy.

Patrick Cusatis, Ph.D., CFA Associate Professor of Finance - Penn State University