Ultimate Stock Research Extension For Your Spreadsheets

Productivity Booster for Your Stock Research

Excel based software that makes it easy to research, track and invest in financial markets

MarketXLS does all mentioned below plus much more...

Stream Live Stock Data or Refresh on Demand

Get Live quotes, Historical quotes, Fundamentals with more than 300 formulas

Historical Data

Get Professional-grade Historical Stock data in Excel. Use easy formulas like GetHistory("MSFT") or use a menu

Optimize your Portfolios

Manage and Optimize your stock portfolios with ease

Modern Portfolio Theory

Screen Stocks that Make Money

Screen by returns, dividends, fundamentals, valuations,  and many more

Perform Technical Analysis like Pros

Get hundreds of inbuilt indicators or make your own. 

Ever growing list of Utilities, templates and models

Pre-made stock lists, symbol lookup, industry and sector classifications, Twitter integration, valuation models and more 

Global coverage with addons 

Buy data bundles as you need them as all versions allow integration of addons with other data partners like Quotemedia & Barchart. 

Amazing Charts

Beautiful looking charts in your Excel that integrate with your Excel data sets

marketxls charts
marketxls charts

Fanatical Personal Service & Community support

Always online, less than 12 hours reply, cherished community of customers and partners. Online knowledge-base and documentation.

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