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Our Company

MarketXLS is an investment research platform that provides access to real-time stocks-related data and all fundamentals in Excel with built-in functions for valuation, risk management, and investment strategies. MarketXLS offers users a consolidated view of their investment data in one place. Investors use spreadsheets for analysis all day, MarketXLS brings an integrated trading and investing experience to the investor’s spreadsheets. MarketXLS is headquartered in Galway, Ireland with employees and customers all over the globe.
Our Mission is to democratize the investment research market by providing family offices and individual investors with the same tools as used by institutional traders and hedge fund managers for portfolio management, options analysis, and risk management at an affordable cost.

Who we are

We believe that investment research should not be a complex process and take hundreds of hours to collect financial information in one place. Therefore, the need to get consistent and usable information in Spreadsheets for personal investment and tracking purposes led to the creation of MarketXLS. See how we have grown since 2016 and our plans for the future.
Founded MarketXLS
December 2016
New ETFs data and functions added + Optimized Real-Time Streaming functions
June 2020
Partnership with Barchart
May 2016
Stock news added + Portfolio Analytics functions added
September 2020
Historical Fundamental functions and Historical Data added
September 2016
Guru Screen functions added + New, optimized Options Scanner
June 2021
New Lookup functionality added
January 2017
ThinkorSwim + Interactive Brokers Integrations
September 2021
Options Symbols added + Started MarketXLS YouTube Channel
January 2019


New company’s integration
June 2022

Our Team

Ankur Mohan
Founder & CEO
Brian Conway
Robin Bisarya
Timothy Major
Vineet Sehgal
Business Strategy
Nikita Dugar
Product Manager
Alka Chandra
Customer Success Manager
Meesha Ghedia
Marketing Manager
Shakti Jaiswal
Technical Leader - Backend
Jaswant Saini
Technical Leader - Excel
Katharine Hall
Advisory Board & Ideas
Lloyd Leanse
Advisory Board & Partnerships
Kirubakaran Karunagaran
Advisory Board & Technology
Kristin Speer
Advisory Board & People

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