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Take a glimpse at the future of investment research

See how to get options data, historical data, real-time data and how MarketXLS can help you take your investment research to new heights. Request a 30-min live demonstration and gain insight into what can you achieve with MarketXLS.

Our experts will demonstrate the powerful functionalities of MarketXLS and discuss with you how they may fit your specific needs. Book a demo to see how we can help you:

Make smarter investing decisions with MarketXLS stock ranking
Filter, scan, valuate and analyze options data
Save hundreds of hours with our financial functions and AI-powered search
Analyze and research better with a web app, an Excel app, live experts, customization and much more

If you are a team, we can help you optimize your investment experience and get a secure workspace to share watchlists, portfolios, templates, screeners, and much more.

Questions? Talk to an expert: +1-877-778-8358

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