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Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 36 M  90-day average vol: 300,014

Previous close: 0.4886  Open: 0.5  Bid: 0.4972  Ask: 0.4972
52 week range    
Last updated: Sunday 3rd July 2022
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CDTX Balance Sheet


Assets_Accounts receivable00003210003 M1000011 M5 M
Assets_Accumulated depreciation & depletion01790006370001 M2 M3 M3 M3 M3 M
Assets_Building & improvements0940004250004250004250004250002 M1 M3 M
Assets_Cash and equivalents18500023 M63 M85 M61 M75 M50 M36 M60 M
Assets_Construction in progress000000000
Assets_Cost in excess000000000
Assets_Current deferred income taxes000000000
Assets_Finished goods000000000
Assets_Gross fixed assets (Plant Property & Equipment)01 M2 M3 M3 M3 M5 M4 M6 M
Assets_Inventories adjustments & allowances000000000
Assets_Inventory valuation methodN/AN/ANoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Assets_Land & improvements000000000
Assets_Loans receivable000000000
Assets_Machinery furniture & equipment0261000458000548000588000716000742000665000686000
Assets_Marketable securities0045 M19 M15 M0000
Assets_Net fixed assets (net PP&E)08630002 M1 M1 M7120002 M1 M3 M
Assets_Non-current deferred income taxes000000000
Assets_Other current assets007040007790002 M3 M6 M00
Assets_Other fixed assets06870001 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M
Assets_Other inventories000000000
Assets_Other non-current assets3000474000720001900003210001 M1 M2 M1 M
Assets_Other receivable000000000
Assets_Prepaid expenses130002170007040007790002 M3 M6 M3 M4 M
Assets_Purchased components000000000
Assets_Raw materials000000000
Assets_Receivables00003210003 M1000011 M5 M
Assets_Restricted cash00000010 M7 M3 M
Assets_Total assets20100024 M110 M107 M79 M79 M69 M60 M75 M
Assets_Total current assets19800023 M108 M105 M78 M77 M66 M57 M72 M
Assets_Total fixed assets01 M2 M3 M3 M3 M5 M4 M6 M
Assets_Total non-current assets30001 M2 M2 M1 M2 M3 M3 M4 M
Assets_Work in progress000000000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Accounts payable320001 M3 M3 M3 M3 M2 M5 M1 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Accrued expenses840002 M1 M3 M4 M4 M4 M8 M10 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Accrued liabilities840002 M1 M3 M4 M4 M4 M8 M10 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Additional paid in capital120002 M149 M182 M209 M278 M298 M345 M399 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Capital lease obligations00000094200001 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Cash flow-1 M-12 M-33 M-49 M-56 M-70 M-41 M-75 M-42 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Common par001000200020003000300040007000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Common stock equity-1 M-11 M104 M88 M60 M59 M38 M11 M22 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Cumulative translation adjustment000000000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Current deferred income taxes000000000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Deferred income taxes000000011 M18 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Deferred revenues00000010 M14 M14 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Float term debt1 MN/AN/A10 M7 M27 MN/AN/AN/A
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Free cash flow-1 M-9 M-27 M-40 M-50 M-57 M-29 M-55 M-25 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Invested capital85000-11 M104 M98 M67 M59 M38 M11 M22 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Minority interest000000000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Notes payable000000000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Other current liabilities04140001 M3 M3 M3 M4 M4 M5 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Other equity adjustments00-8000-1000-80000000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Other non-current liabilities03400088000800000-27 M011 M18 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Preferred equity outside stock equity033 M0000000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Preferred securities of subsidiary trust000000000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Preferred stock equity000000000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Retained earnings-1 M-13 M-45 M-94 M-149 M-219 M-260 M-335 M-377 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Short term debt00003 M10 M11 M8 M4 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total capitalization85000-11 M104 M98 M67 M86 M38 M11 M22 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total current liabilities1160003 M6 M9 M12 M20 M30 M39 M34 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total equity-1 M-11 M104 M88 M60 M59 M38 M11 M22 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total liabilities2 M36 M6 M19 M19 M20 M31 M50 M54 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total liabilities & stock equity20100024 M110 M107 M79 M79 M69 M60 M75 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total non-current liabilities1 M33 M8800010 M7 M8100094200011 M20 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Treasury stock000000000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Working capital8200020 M102 M96 M66 M57 M36 M19 M38 M
Other Current Assets0. M10 M7 M3 M
Property Plant Equipment Net0.0863000.02 M1 M1 M712000.02 M1 M3 M
Non-Current Investments0.0-355000.0-883000.0-973000.0-1 M-1 M-3 M-2 M-3 M
Other Current Liabilities0.
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