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General Electric Company logo

General Electric Company

Sector: Industrials   

Industry: Diversified Industrials

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 119,645 M  90-day average vol: 4,269,141

Previous close: 112.34  Open: 112.63  Bid: 110.45  Ask: 110.54
52 week range    
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Last updated: Sunday 1st October 2023
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GE Balance Sheet

"""debtc"""77,890 M3,872 M19,792 M30,714 M11,291 M4,999 M13,598 M4,713 M4,361 M3,757 M
Accounts payable16,471 M1,905 M1,745 M14,435 M1,853 M1,171 M15,926 M
Accounts receivable21,388 M11,513 M14,707 M24,076 M25,282 M14,645 M16,568 M13,459 M13,079 M
Accrued expenses32,072 M1,905 M3,912 M34,106 M1,853 M1,171 M886 M16,458 M16,243 M18,644 M
AccruedInterestReceivable538 M426 M
Accumulated depreciation & depletion-11,473 M-6,421 M-6,499 M-6,836 M-7,429 M-22,136 M-4,026 M-877 M
Additional paid in capital32,494 M32,999 M37,613 M37,224 M12,806 M12,883 M17,001 M34,307 M34,691 M34,173 M
Cash and equivalents25,145 M14,492 M18,198 M36,530 M15,770 M17,262 M
CashCashEquivalentsAndShortTermInvestments25,145 M14,492 M18,198 M43,849 M28,067 M24,871 M
CashEquivalents35,548 M589 M812 M76 M
Common par702 M702 M708 M708 M6 M6 M6 M708 M21 M21 M
Common stock equity130,566 M145,161 M177,283 M75,828 M13,494 M11,412 M15,299 M35,552 M40,311 M36,367 M
CommonStock702 M128,159 M702 M702 M56,030 M8,702 M8,738 M702 M15 M15 M
Cost in excess77,648 M1,680 M2,370 M68,070 M984 M904 M839 M25,524 M26,182 M25,798 M
CurrentAccruedExpenses13,381 M12,681 M23,597 M17,564 M18,697 M16,345 M886 M16,458 M16,243 M18,644 M
CurrentCapitalLeaseObligation854 M799 M794 M798 M1,081 M1,088 M
CurrentDeferredRevenue18,389 M18,371 M17,372 M18,118 M
CurrentDeferredTaxesAssets28,508 M27,990 M25,182 M26,199 M22,189 M20,693 M11,388 M17,492 M15,376 M
CurrentDeferredTaxesLiabilities28,233 M21,808 M3,105 M1,833 M13,370 M12,117 M9,889 M14,253 M10,855 M
CurrentProvisions30,124 M3,083 M417 M1,980 M1,875 M40,232 M42,191 M
Deferred revenues18,371 M17,372 M18,118 M
DefinedPensionBenefit-26,836 M99,837 M105,975 M98,863 M
Deposits53,361 M62,839 M
DividendsPayable2,220 M2,317 M2,167 M2,107 M4,016 M95 M295 M220 M
EmployeeBenefits413 M475 M429 M
FinancialAssets16,960 M21,156 M25,162 M28,861 M20,000 M16,801 M5,888 M
Finished goods8,265 M8,798 M8,847 M5,746 M5,333 M5,654 M4,927 M
Float term debt134,591 M36,154 M26,261 M70,189 M30,824 M28,593 M
GoodwillAndOtherIntangibleAssets91,958 M1,882 M2,805 M68,375 M1,243 M1,140 M1,031 M35,195 M35,512 M33,423 M
Gross fixed assets (Plant Property & Equipment)80,300 M37,674 M26,644 M57,354 M38,024 M51,646 M33,912 M3,729 M2,606 M
IncomeTaxPayable463 M500 M
Intangibles14,310 M202 M435 M305 M259 M236 M192 M9,671 M9,330 M7,625 M
InterestPayable793 M276 M
Inventories17,325 M17,639 M22,449 M22,354 M75 M13,803 M17,215 M15,890 M15,847 M17,403 M
Invested capital352,231 M319,335 M260,592 M180,908 M190,166 M67,458 M58,598 M122,620 M71,135 M64,960 M
Leases399 M506 M506 M
LineOfCredit282 M279 M238 M198 M34 M
LongTermCapitalLeaseObligation261,424 M197,602 M136,210 M3,162 M3,195 M3,289 M
LongTermDebtAndCapitalLeaseObligation221,665 M174,174 M83,309 M105,080 M42,081 M36,154 M26,261 M70,189 M30,824 M28,593 M
LongTermProvisions39,669 M27,881 M27,564 M656 M70,120 M60,381 M17,038 M42,191 M37,166 M33,347 M
Minority interest6,217 M923 M486 M4,688 M217 M1000000.0139 M1,522 M1,302 M1,216 M
Net fixed assets (net PP&E)68,827 M31,253 M20,145 M50,518 M30,595 M29,510 M29,886 M2,852 M2,606 M
NetOtherUnrealizedGainLoss1,021 M1,522 M53 M12,468 M-40 M
Non-current deferred income taxes3,385 M3,041 M
NonCurrentAccountsReceivable2,477 M2,483 M585 M521 M
NonCurrentAccruedExpenses857 M800 M
NonCurrentDeferredAssets275 M-2,590 M-4,561 M6,666 M999 M1,936 M1,700 M14,253 M10,855 M11,705 M
NonCurrentDeferredLiabilities41,494 M39,472 M1,001 M801 M459 M472 M31,478 M23,191 M18,027 M
NonCurrentDeferredRevenue1,555 M1,801 M1,989 M2,006 M
NonCurrentDeferredTaxesAssets275 M-2,590 M-4,561 M6,666 M999 M1,936 M1,700 M14,253 M10,855 M11,705 M
NonCurrentNoteReceivables2,057 M713 M592 M
Notes payable10,114 M4,262 M3,140 M3,033 M
NotesReceivable241,940 M13,445 M25,003 M12,242 M21,967 M13,628 M4,922 M1,265 M
Number of employees168000.0168000.0168000.0168000.0168000.0168000.0168000.0168000.0168000.0168000.0
Other current assets70,808 M17,445 M25,081 M14,608 M15,606 M-10,241 M2,411 M1,645 M1,933 M2,895 M
Other equity adjustments-783 M-852 M-9,749 M1,582 M-1,311 M
Other fixed assets68,827 M31,253 M20,145 M50,518 M30,595 M1,556 M
Other non-current assets2,389 M9 M9 M14,815 M5,912 M1,812 M11,970 M56,774 M22,217 M19,890 M
Other non-current liabilities8,310 M7,625 M-2,246 M21,094 M13,240 M12,154 M
Other receivable9,114 M295 M15,455 M5,944 M16,945 M15,361 M6,881 M16,691 M15,620 M17,976 M
OtherCurrentBorrowings77,890 M3,872 M19,792 M30,714 M11,291 M4,999 M13,598 M4,713 M4,361 M3,757 M
OtherCurrentLiabilities61,063 M11,429 M9,351 M7,430 M5,886 M-23,889 M4,152 M15,071 M13,977 M16,429 M
OtherEquityInterest-9,120 M-578 M-1,058 M-18,617 M-794 M-14,414 M
OtherInventories17,325 M17,639 M22,449 M22,354 M75 M
OtherPayable1,642 M2,091 M12,027 M2,271 M6,087 M90 M
Payables18,691 M1,905 M3,912 M16,542 M1,853 M1,171 M15,926 M
Preferred securities of subsidiary trust6 M6 M6 M6 M6 M6 M6 M6 M
PreferredStock6 M6 M6 M6 M6 M6 M6 M6 M
Prepaid expenses82,549 M2,818 M1,629 M1,630 M4,886 M5,888 M6,124 M6,010 M
RecievablesAdjustmentsAllowances-447 M-495 M-515 M-858 M-1,073 M-670 M-874 M-1,164 M-1,074 M
Restricted cash408 M317 M
Retained earnings149,051 M155,333 M140,020 M12,664 M1,476 M-694 M-857 M92,247 M85,110 M84,693 M
SecuritySoldNotYetRepurchased20,800 M-2,211 M-2,709 M6,900 M
Short term debt77,890 M3,872 M19,792 M30,714 M11,291 M4,999 M13,598 M4,713 M4,361 M3,757 M
TaxesReceivable1,346 M1,222 M
Total assets656,560 M110,111 M251,556 M365,183 M156,718 M123,939 M121,454 M256,211 M198,874 M187,787 M
Total current assets360,575 M46,597 M105,513 M80,853 M79,738 M33,240 M33,177 M84,853 M72,472 M72,243 M
Total current liabilities201,149 M17,206 M36,138 M72,667 M21,010 M-17,719 M20,691 M54,613 M51,953 M56,948 M
Total equity130,566 M145,161 M177,283 M75,828 M13,494 M11,412 M15,299 M35,552 M40,311 M36,367 M
Total liabilities519,777 M388,851 M186,611 M197,644 M143,005 M112,527 M106,016 M219,138 M157,261 M150,206 M
Total non-current assets295,985 M63,514 M146,043 M316,758 M76,980 M67,791 M85,158 M165,470 M126,402 M115,544 M
Total non-current liabilities318,628 M371,645 M150,473 M110,895 M121,995 M106,835 M36,422 M171,267 M105,308 M93,258 M
TotalEquityGrossMinority136,783 M146,084 M177,769 M77,491 M13,711 M11,412 M15,438 M37,073 M41,613 M37,583 M
TotalEquityGrossMinorityInterest136,783 M146,084 M177,769 M77,491 M13,711 M11,412 M15,438 M37,073 M41,613 M37,583 M
TotalLiabilitiesAndTotalEquityGrossMinorityInterest656,560 M534,935 M364,380 M277,874 M156,716 M123,939 M121,454 M256,211 M198,874 M187,789 M
TotalNonCurrentLiabilitiesNetMinorityInteres318,628 M371,645 M150,473 M110,895 M121,995 M106,835 M36,422 M171,267 M105,308 M93,258 M
Treasury stock-42,561 M-42,593 M63,539 M-83,038 M-84,902 M-1,027 M-982 M-82,692 M-81,093 M-81,209 M
UnearnedIncome88,555 M15,916 M106,338 M48,129 M47,542 M33,393 M38,514 M16,699 M15,609 M14,478 M
UnearnedPremiums4,500 M
Work in progress13,415 M12,636 M10,131 M8,057 M8,771 M7,937 M8,710 M
Working capital159,426 M29,391 M69,375 M8,186 M58,728 M50,959 M12,486 M30,240 M20,519 M15,295 M
ltinv43,981 M84 M151 M44,313 M38,231 M33,835 M5,700 M42,549 M42,209 M36,048 M
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