Option Profits

Uncover Profitable Options with MarketXLS

MarketXLS let’s me do what I do best, trade”. Robert Murray - Professional Options Trader

Take advantage in the markets by...

* Real-Time premium options data, streamed to Excel sheets with ease

* Scan thousands of options contracts in a few clicks

* Check profit possibilities of your option strategies

* Build your own strategies with VBA by extending our software

* Get historical prices of option contracts

* Value using BlackScholes model thousands of option contracts

* Align option trading with earning dates, fundamentals, key ratios, stocks prices & more. 

Ankur Mohan, is the founder of MarketXLS, which aims to provide flexible software solutions to investors with aim of making the analysis of stocks easier by giving access to analytics, & robust data in a flexible manner in Excel.

The Problem:

Option trading gives you great leverage while trading where you are able to control many more shares for your investment than if you were to just invest in shares. However, with this leverage comes a lot more risk as well. With unreliable data, analytics and tools that risk is greatly increased.

Access to reliable, affordable options data & analytics in a flexible and straightforward way is difficult to find for self-directed investors.

The Solution:

For years Ankur has been working in integrating the best and the most flexible way of reliably getting and analyzing options data in Excel. 

At MarketXLS we provide professional quality data with flexible functions for option traders using the MarketXLS platform. MarketXLS saves you a lot of time and makes powerful data available in Excel with easy to use and insanely powerful functions that work the way you like in Excel.