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Get Real-Time Options Pricing in Excel

Use MarketXLS to stream real-time Stock Option Pricing in Excel. Save hundreds of hours searching for reliable financial information and get all the options data you need to make your trading decisions in real-time.

Get Access to 1 Billion Usable Market data points IN YOUR EXCEL SHEETS WITH EASY TO USE EXCEL FUNCTIONS

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Get Option Chains in Excel

Make smart investment decisions utilizing our numerous functions to obtain option chains. Advanced filters allow you to scan by popular metrics such as Greeks, strike prices, expiry dates, call or put and much more.

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Rollover Options Trading with MarketXLS

See how a user uses MarketXLS to choose and roll over their positions in options and trade directly from Excel with our partner, Tradier. This allows investors to minimize their errors by reducing data entry.

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Step 1 - Utilize MarketXLS options strategy templates to get started.

#Template nameDownload link
1Covered Call Options StrategyCovered Call Option Strategy Flat File
2Iron Condor Options StrategyIron Condor Options Strategy Flat File
3Strap Strangle StrategyStrap Strangle Strategy Flat File
4Short Put Options StrategyShort Put Options Strategy Flat File
5Reverse Iron Condor SpreadReverse Iron Condor Spread Flat File

Step 2 - Create your own options template by utilizing MarketXLS functions.

#Use caseMarketXLS function
1Get a specifc option symbol=OptionSymbol(“stocksymbol”,”YYYY-MM-DD″,”CallorPut”,”StrikePrice”)
2Get all available weekly options=QM_GetOptionChainWeekly(“Stock Symbol”)
3Get all available ‘in the money’ option contracts=QM_GetOptionChainInTheMoney(“Stock Symbol”)
4Get all available expiring most near term=QM_GetOptionNearTerm(“Stock Symbol”)
5Get all the option contracts=QM_List(“getOptionChain”,”Symbol”,”FDX”,”money”,”In”)

Step 3 - Try the real-time streaming functions to get live options data

#Use caseMarketXLS function
1Get the real-time alpha for an options contract=qm_stream_alpha(“Option Symbol”)
2Get the Ask price=qm_stream_ask(“Option Symbol”)
3Get the Last price=qm_stream_last(“Option Symbol”)
4Get the real-time delta for an options contract=qm_stream_delta(“Option Symbol”)
5Get the Bid price=qm_stream_bid(“Option Symbol”)


Access Real-Time Options Pricing in Excel

Never lose track of your trades with our real-time streaming prices in Excel. The numbers that you see on your Excel will change by themselves and will match your trading platform Bid/Ask prices so you can make profitable decisions in real-time

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Options Scanning

MarketXLS offers an Excel-based Option Scanner that allows you to choose up to 40 stock tickers, get all the option contacts for those stocks, and filter for the best options to trade. Compare different Options values, greeks, volumes, open interests, and more by using our Option Chain functions. Utilize our Options Symbol function to get an option symbol of a specific stock, at a specific date and a specific strike price.

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Profit Calculator

Options Profit Calculator

Utilize our real-time options profit calculator to build and analyze numerous options strategies. Get the Ranks of the filtered option contracts by your criteria and ranking weights like Low Premium, High Volume, Low Spreads, and more.

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Profit Calculator

Valuation Models

Options Valuation Models

Black Scholes Excel Model

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Valuation Models


Options Filtering

Use our innovative easy to use functions to filter option contracts as per your own criteria. For example, find all options for TSLA that expire between x date and y date and those that have strike price between x and y

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Trading Strategies

Learn all Option Trading Strategies

Interested in Straddles, Strangles, Calls, Spreads, and many other options strategies? You are at the right place! MarketXLS offers numerous pre-built Options Templates in your Excel. All templates are open code, reusable, and can be adjusted quickly for your own requirements. Accompanying these templates, we have a library of videos walking you through the strategies.

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Trading Strategies

Historical Prices

Get Historical Options Prices

See how your options prices changed over time in History. Get End of the day or Intra-day (minute by minute) history of all recently expired and active contracts.

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Historical Prices

Our Clients

I use MarketXLS to manage my personal portfolio. I can easily pull in stock quotes, betas, and dividends. I also like to access historical closing prices on a particular date. That makes tracking performance easy.

Patrick Cusatis, Ph.D., CFA
Associate Professor of Finance - Penn State University
I’m pretty happy with MarketXLS. I can now concentrate on manipulating financial data, valuing stocks and making investment decisions, rather than hacking around with VBA or copying/pasting data from websites.

Samir Khan
MarketXLS greatly expanded my ability to analyze investments. MSN Stock Quotes was limited in the number of stock quotes it would handle in one spreadsheet and in the number of variables available. Many of them were worthless.

Jim Grant
Uses MarketXLS for personal money management
Call: 1-877-778-8358
Ankur Mohan MarketXLS
I am so happy you are here. My name is Ankur and I am the founder/CEO of MarketXLS. Over the past four years, I have helped more than 2500 customers to implement their own investment research strategies and monitoring systems in Excel.
Get Access to 1 Billion Usable Market data points IN YOUR EXCEL SHEETS WITH EASY TO USE EXCEL FUNCTIONSGet started today