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Apple Inc. logo

Apple Inc.

Sector: Technology   

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 2,974,394 M  90-day average vol: 58,244,304

Previous close: 172.99  Open: 173.32  Bid: 175.5  Ask: 175.54
52 week range    
HPQ / 
Last updated: Sunday 28th May 2023
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AAPL Income Statement

Total revenues170,910 M182,795 M233,715 M215,639 M229,234 M265,595 M260,174 M274,515 M365,817 M394,328 M
Cost of sales99,849 M104,312 M128,832 M120,871 M130,891 M152,853 M149,235 M158,503 M201,697 M212,442 M
Gross operating profit64,304 M70,537 M93,626 M84,263 M88,186 M101,839 M98,392 M104,956 M152,836 M170,782 M
Selling Gen & administrative expense10,830 M11,993 M14,329 M14,194 M15,261 M16,705 M18,245 M19,916 M21,973 M25,094 M
Research & development expense4,475 M6,041 M8,067 M10,045 M11,581 M14,236 M16,217 M18,752 M21,914 M26,251 M
Operating income48,999 M52,503 M71,230 M60,024 M61,344 M70,898 M63,930 M66,288 M108,949 M119,437 M
floaterest income0000000000
floaterest expense0000000000
Other income net-324 M-431 M-903 M-1,195 M-133 M-441 M422 M-87 M60 M-228 M
Pre-tax Income (EBT)50,155 M53,483 M72,515 M61,372 M64,089 M72,903 M65,737 M67,091 M109,207 M119,103 M
Income taxes13,118 M13,973 M19,121 M15,685 M15,738 M13,372 M10,481 M9,680 M14,527 M19,300 M
Net income from total operations37,037 M39,510 M53,394 M45,687 M48,351 M59,531 M55,256 M57,411 M94,680 M99,803 M
Minority floaterest0000000000
Total net income37,037 M39,510 M53,394 M45,687 M48,351 M59,531 M55,256 M57,411 M94,680 M99,803 M
Preferred dividendsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Net income available for common37,037 M39,510 M53,394 M45,687 M48,351 M59,531 M55,256 M57,411 M94,680 M99,803 M
Depreciation6,757 M7,946 M11,257 M10,505 M10,157 M10,903 M12,547 M11,056 M11,284 M11,104 M
Operating income before depreciation (EBITDA)57,048 M61,813 M84,505 M73,333 M76,569 M87,046 M81,860 M81,020 M123,136 M133,138 M
Total Income available for floaterest expense (EBIT)0000000000
Basic EPS total1.431.622.322.092.3232.993.315.676.15
Diluted EPS total1.421.612.312.082.32.982.973.285.616.11
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