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StockDividendMarket Cap (B)PEPrice ($)
Trendlast: 0.681

Last PriceTrend_MinTrendTrend_MaxSignalSMA 50SMA 200
9.6804399999999970.3280.6812.514   Rising Trend9.689.68

BSAQForward 209.67   Rising Trend0.681986
BSAQForward 199.67   Rising Trend1.236986
BSAQForward 189.67   Rising Trend1.261986
BSAQForward 179.67   Rising Trend1.261986
BSAQForward 169.67   Rising Trend1.261986
BSAQForward 159.67   Rising Trend1.283986
BSAQForward 149.67   Rising Trend1.272986
BSAQForward 139.67   Rising Trend1.272986
BSAQForward 129.67   Rising Trend1.263986
BSAQForward 119.67   Rising Trend1.266986
BSAQForward 109.67   Rising Trend1.268986
BSAQForward 99.67   Rising Trend1.283986
BSAQForward 89.67   Rising Trend1.28986
BSAQForward 79.67   Rising Trend1.276986
BSAQForward 69.67   Rising Trend1.42986
BSAQForward 59.67   Rising Trend1.421986
BSAQForward 49.67   Rising Trend1.389986
BSAQForward 39.67   Rising Trend1.376986
BSAQForward 29.67   Rising Trend1.376986
BSAQForward 19.67   Rising Trend1.354986
BSAQ2022-05-199.67   Rising Trend0.678986
BSAQ2022-05-189.65   Rising Trend1.35626201
BSAQ2022-05-179.7   Rising Trend2.04233840
BSAQ2022-05-169.67   Rising Trend1.965254293
BSAQ2022-05-139.67   Rising Trend1.96512552
BSAQ2022-05-129.74   Rising Trend2.05315
BSAQ2022-05-109.74   Rising Trend2.07436
BSAQ2022-05-099.74   Rising Trend2.237602
BSAQ2022-05-049.74   Rising Trend2.2371
BSAQ2022-04-269.74   Rising Trend2.22959034
BSAQ2022-04-259.74   Rising Trend2.2311705
BSAQ2022-04-229.71   Rising Trend2.22120002
BSAQ2022-04-219.73   Rising Trend2.2752255
BSAQ2022-04-209.72   Rising Trend2.271613
BSAQ2022-04-199.702   Rising Trend2.26558822
BSAQ2022-04-189.7   Rising Trend2.4113854
BSAQ2022-04-149.71   Rising Trend2.40910393
BSAQ2022-04-139.69   Rising Trend2.3910786
BSAQ2022-04-129.69   Rising Trend2.35112003
BSAQ2022-04-119.7   Rising Trend2.364247024
BSAQ2022-04-089.68   Rising Trend1.87301
BSAQ2022-04-079.7   Rising Trend1.836567
BSAQ2022-04-069.69   Rising Trend2.379100400
BSAQ2022-04-059.7   Rising Trend2.504100
BSAQ2022-04-049.69   Rising Trend2.50426116
BSAQ2022-04-019.69   Rising Trend2.5045125
BSAQ2022-03-319.69   Rising Trend2.514553798
BSAQ2022-03-309.65   Rising Trend0.472100
BSAQ2022-03-299.68   Rising Trend0.47227
BSAQ2022-03-289.68   Rising Trend0.46339512
BSAQ2022-03-259.68   Rising Trend0.46339512
BSAQ2022-03-249.66   Rising Trend0.3791
BSAQ2022-03-239.66   Rising Trend0.388944
BSAQ2022-03-229.68   Rising Trend0.387448
BSAQ2022-03-219.71   Rising Trend0.387159
BSAQ2022-03-189.68   Rising Trend0.42220
BSAQ2022-03-179.68   Rising Trend0.41412783
BSAQ2022-03-169.65   Rising Trend0.3776060
BSAQ2022-03-159.63   Rising Trend0.3512044
BSAQ2022-03-119.64   Rising Trend0.35312985
BSAQ2022-03-109.65   Rising Trend0.368543
BSAQ2022-03-099.64   Rising Trend0.3286650
BSAQ2022-03-089.64   Rising Trend0.32944097
BSAQ2022-03-039.65   Rising Trend0.531
BSAQ2022-03-019.65   Rising Trend0.52535
BSAQ2022-02-259.645   Rising Trend0.5299188
BSAQ2022-02-249.63   Rising Trend0.50510077
BSAQ2022-02-239.625   Rising Trend0.67467834
BSAQ2022-02-229.61   Rising Trend0.57520213
BSAQ2022-02-189.61   Rising Trend0.56755558
BSAQ2022-02-179.61   Rising Trend0.5672
BSAQ2022-02-159.61   Rising Trend0.564318
BSAQ2022-02-149.62   Rising Trend0.565253
BSAQ2022-02-119.62   Rising Trend0.55810000
BSAQ2022-02-109.6547   Rising Trend0.89450000
BSAQ2022-02-089.6547   Rising Trend0.9157001
BSAQ2022-02-079.64   Rising Trend0.8961
BSAQ2022-02-049.64   Rising Trend0.89712064
BSAQ2022-02-039.66   Rising Trend1.02210
BSAQ2022-01-289.66   Rising Trend1.02215746
BSAQ2022-01-279.6   Rising Trend0.863247
BSAQ2022-01-269.62   Rising Trend0.8662
BSAQ2022-01-249.62   Rising Trend0.6981499
BSAQ2022-01-209.69   Rising Trend0.843
BSAQ2022-01-189.69   Rising Trend0.83199
BSAQ2022-01-139.69   Rising Trend1.04810
BSAQ2022-01-129.69   Rising Trend1.038600
BSAQ2022-01-119.66   Rising Trend1.211630
BSAQ2022-01-109.71   Rising Trend0.967404
BSAQ2022-01-079.73   Rising Trend0.971170
BSAQ2022-01-069.69   Rising Trend0.97625
BSAQ2022-01-059.72   Rising Trend0.963232577
BSAQ2021-12-309.69   Rising Trend0.265100
BSAQ2021-12-299.65   Rising Trend0.264408
BSAQ2021-12-289.67   Rising Trend0.558890
BSAQ2021-12-239.68   Rising Trend0.55629400
BSAQ2021-12-229.69   Rising Trend0.577211
BSAQ2021-12-219.7   Rising Trend0.579141
BSAQ2021-12-209.71   Rising Trend0.6824373

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