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StockDividendMarket Cap (B)PEPrice ($)
Trendlast: 0.72

Last PriceTrend_MinTrendTrend_MaxSignalSMA 50SMA 200
9.699980000000004-0.9250.721.804   Rising Trend9.79.7

BWCForward 209.66   Rising Trend0.7212
BWCForward 199.66   Rising Trend0.72212
BWCForward 189.66   Rising Trend0.72212
BWCForward 179.66   Rising Trend0.92712
BWCForward 169.66   Rising Trend0.93112
BWCForward 159.66   Rising Trend0.93112
BWCForward 149.66   Rising Trend0.93112
BWCForward 139.66   Rising Trend0.93112
BWCForward 129.66   Rising Trend0.80212
BWCForward 119.66   Rising Trend0.80512
BWCForward 109.66   Rising Trend0.87912
BWCForward 99.66   Rising Trend0.87612
BWCForward 89.66   Rising Trend0.98712
BWCForward 79.66   Rising Trend0.98612
BWCForward 69.66   Rising Trend0.97812
BWCForward 59.66   Rising Trend0.98912
BWCForward 49.66   Rising Trend1.17612
BWCForward 39.66   Rising Trend1.41612
BWCForward 29.66   Rising Trend1.41712
BWCForward 19.66   Rising Trend1.4212
BWC2022-05-139.66   Rising Trend0.82112
BWC2022-05-129.66   Rising Trend1.321989
BWC2022-05-119.67   Rising Trend1.3244800
BWC2022-05-109.68   Rising Trend1.3291321
BWC2022-05-099.72   Rising Trend1.542008
BWC2022-05-069.71   Rising Trend1.5434
BWC2022-05-059.71   Rising Trend1.543237295
BWC2022-05-049.71   Rising Trend1.54316658
BWC2022-05-039.71   Rising Trend1.54333847
BWC2022-05-029.73   Rising Trend1.484801
BWC2022-04-299.7   Rising Trend1.466103
BWC2022-04-289.73   Rising Trend1.543
BWC2022-04-279.73   Rising Trend1.541
BWC2022-04-259.73   Rising Trend1.6512
BWC2022-04-229.73   Rising Trend1.651155
BWC2022-04-199.73   Rising Trend1.64934
BWC2022-04-149.73   Rising Trend1.6175688
BWC2022-04-139.73   Rising Trend1.804202033
BWC2022-04-129.7   Rising Trend1.444507
BWC2022-04-119.7   Rising Trend1.44210648
BWC2022-04-089.7   Rising Trend1.444103924
BWC2022-04-079.7   Rising Trend1.346122680
BWC2022-04-069.68   Rising Trend1.10212905
BWC2022-04-059.72   Rising Trend1.1541410
BWC2022-04-049.68   Rising Trend1.37153
BWC2022-04-019.68   Rising Trend1.37356592
BWC2022-03-319.75   Rising Trend1.6421532
BWC2022-03-309.695   Rising Trend1.63380004
BWC2022-03-299.695   Rising Trend1.556592664
BWC2022-03-289.68   Rising Trend0.55130
BWC2022-03-259.68   Rising Trend0.5514
BWC2022-03-249.68   Rising Trend0.625635
BWC2022-03-239.68   Rising Trend0.6255
BWC2022-03-229.68   Rising Trend0.58525747
BWC2022-03-219.88   Rising Trend1.11916
BWC2022-03-189.88   Rising Trend1.04414263
BWC2022-03-179.6718   Rising Trend0.6593
BWC2022-03-169.6718   Rising Trend0.75824
BWC2022-03-159.6718   Rising Trend1.0127
BWC2022-03-149.6718   Rising Trend1.01360
BWC2022-03-119.6718   Rising Trend1.016759
BWC2022-03-109.7   Rising Trend1.018167657
BWC2022-03-099.67   Rising Trend0.4921017590
BWC2022-03-049.66   Declining Trend-0.5243
BWC2022-03-039.66   Declining Trend-0.5261604
BWC2022-03-019.6   Declining Trend-0.5341084
BWC2022-02-289.68   Declining Trend-0.6528
BWC2022-02-259.68   Declining Trend-0.6522
BWC2022-02-249.68   Declining Trend-0.7291
BWC2022-02-239.68   Declining Trend-0.73128
BWC2022-02-229.68   Declining Trend-0.731110
BWC2022-02-189.68   Declining Trend-0.73172
BWC2022-02-179.68   Declining Trend-0.73133
BWC2022-02-169.68   Declining Trend-0.746310
BWC2022-02-159.6751   Declining Trend-0.7253728
BWC2022-02-149.6501   Declining Trend-0.8061
BWC2022-02-119.6501   Declining Trend-0.89410565
BWC2022-02-109.66   Declining Trend-0.92540511
BWC2022-02-099.7001   Declining Trend-0.7631236
BWC2022-02-089.7246   Declining Trend-0.7363433
BWC2022-02-079.82   Declining Trend-0.7023467
BWC2022-02-049.685   Declining Trend-0.7431
BWC2022-02-039.685   Declining Trend-0.7664
BWC2022-02-029.685   Declining Trend-0.7652023
BWC2022-02-019.67   Declining Trend-0.80228105
BWC2022-01-319.67   Declining Trend-0.7951109
BWC2022-01-279.61   Declining Trend-0.946335
BWC2022-01-269.68   Declining Trend-0.938109
BWC2022-01-259.68   Declining Trend-1.015209
BWC2022-01-249.68   Declining Trend-1.0172966
BWC2022-01-219.65   Declining Trend-1.0282
BWC2022-01-209.65   Declining Trend-1.0285
BWC2022-01-199.65   Declining Trend-1.025150002
BWC2022-01-189.65   Declining Trend-0.9991521

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