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StockDividendMarket Cap (B)PEPrice ($)
Trendlast: 0.217

Last PriceTrend_MinTrendTrend_MaxSignalSMA 50SMA 200
9.9119780000000010.2170.2171.385   Uptrend Fail Warning9.919.91

CLAYForward 209.96   Rising Trend0.2174
CLAYForward 199.96   Rising Trend0.2174
CLAYForward 189.96   Rising Trend0.2174
CLAYForward 179.96   Rising Trend0.1644
CLAYForward 169.96   Rising Trend0.1644
CLAYForward 159.96   Rising Trend0.1844
CLAYForward 149.96   Rising Trend0.1844
CLAYForward 139.96   Rising Trend0.2364
CLAYForward 129.96   Rising Trend0.2814
CLAYForward 119.96   Rising Trend0.2734
CLAYForward 109.96   Rising Trend0.2784
CLAYForward 99.96   Rising Trend0.2784
CLAYForward 89.96   Rising Trend0.2794
CLAYForward 79.96   Rising Trend0.294
CLAYForward 69.96   Rising Trend0.2924
CLAYForward 59.96   Rising Trend0.2924
CLAYForward 49.96   Rising Trend0.3734
CLAYForward 39.96   Rising Trend0.3734
CLAYForward 29.96   Rising Trend0.3764
CLAYForward 19.96   Rising Trend0.3784
CLAY2022-05-139.96   Rising Trend0.2784
CLAY2022-05-129.96   Rising Trend0.3781177
CLAY2022-05-119.94   Rising Trend0.3751097
CLAY2022-05-109.96   Rising Trend0.3231009
CLAY2022-05-099.94   Rising Trend0.3361301
CLAY2022-05-069.94   Rising Trend0.35550032
CLAY2022-05-059.94   Rising Trend0.35810
CLAY2022-05-029.94   Rising Trend0.26142388
CLAY2022-04-299.955   Rising Trend0.5181
CLAY2022-04-289.955   Rising Trend0.509268
CLAY2022-04-279.95   Rising Trend0.514203
CLAY2022-04-269.95   Rising Trend0.514841
CLAY2022-04-259.95   Rising Trend0.512176754
CLAY2022-04-229.94   Rising Trend0.5756
CLAY2022-04-209.94   Rising Trend0.58780949
CLAY2022-04-199.94   Rising Trend0.5881701
CLAY2022-04-139.94   Rising Trend0.61303
CLAY2022-04-119.93   Rising Trend0.6931000
CLAY2022-04-089.93   Rising Trend0.88140663
CLAY2022-04-079.925   Rising Trend0.863300
CLAY2022-04-069.92   Rising Trend0.86511706
CLAY2022-04-059.92   Rising Trend0.846325403
CLAY2022-04-049.91   Rising Trend0.5214
CLAY2022-04-019.91   Rising Trend0.521
CLAY2022-03-299.91   Rising Trend0.53318
CLAY2022-03-289.91   Rising Trend0.55227
CLAY2022-03-239.91   Rising Trend0.555170
CLAY2022-03-229.91   Rising Trend0.45829
CLAY2022-03-189.91   Rising Trend0.54410036
CLAY2022-03-169.91   Rising Trend0.53419055
CLAY2022-03-159.92   Rising Trend0.59750
CLAY2022-03-149.92   Rising Trend0.597123649
CLAY2022-03-119.9   Rising Trend0.3471048
CLAY2022-03-109.9   Rising Trend0.588497
CLAY2022-03-099.9   Rising Trend0.594501
CLAY2022-03-079.9   Rising Trend0.5951
CLAY2022-03-039.9   Rising Trend0.6179
CLAY2022-02-289.9   Rising Trend0.645989
CLAY2022-02-249.8739   Rising Trend0.829601
CLAY2022-02-179.87   Rising Trend0.8471
CLAY2022-02-159.87   Rising Trend0.8474
CLAY2022-02-149.87   Rising Trend0.8289
CLAY2022-02-089.87   Rising Trend0.828901
CLAY2022-02-049.87   Rising Trend0.83710001
CLAY2022-02-039.86   Rising Trend0.8413436
CLAY2022-02-029.86   Rising Trend0.865103
CLAY2022-02-019.86   Rising Trend0.86811270
CLAY2022-01-319.86   Rising Trend0.7032300
CLAY2022-01-279.85   Rising Trend0.79203
CLAY2022-01-249.84   Rising Trend0.77997176
CLAY2022-01-209.83   Rising Trend0.72763
CLAY2022-01-199.83   Rising Trend0.7312137
CLAY2022-01-189.8599   Rising Trend0.8463052
CLAY2022-01-149.85   Rising Trend1.08347076
CLAY2022-01-139.8573   Rising Trend1.12311738
CLAY2022-01-129.8383   Rising Trend1.041207
CLAY2022-01-109.88   Rising Trend1.01319
CLAY2022-01-079.88   Rising Trend1.1041
CLAY2022-01-069.88   Rising Trend1.3858501
CLAY2022-01-049.85   Rising Trend1.3785300
CLAY2022-01-039.84   Rising Trend1.37511
CLAY2021-12-319.84   Rising Trend1.3081203
CLAY2021-12-309.85   Rising Trend1.37119
CLAY2021-12-299.85   Rising Trend1.381136
CLAY2021-12-219.85   Rising Trend1.3953675
CLAY2021-12-209.83   Rising Trend1.387135
CLAY2021-12-179.825   Rising Trend1.391000
CLAY2021-12-169.8372   Rising Trend1.2365017
CLAY2021-12-139.85   Rising Trend1.33120001

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