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CenterPoint Energy Inc (Holding Co) logo

CenterPoint Energy Inc (Holding Co)

Sector: Utilities   

Industry: Utilities - Regulated Gas

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 18,028 M  90-day average vol: 4,840,512

Previous close: 28.56  Open: 28.71  Bid: 28.18  Ask: 29.39
52 week range    
D / 
OGE / 
SRE / 
OKE / 
OGS / 
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Last updated: Thursday 7th December 2023
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StockDividendMarket Cap (B)PEPrice ($)


0.025714 B20.9105.94


0.033365 B25.580.17


0.03056 B14.728.72


0.04358 B16.137.69


0.03244 B20.476.6


0.059128 B18.863.26


0.032143 B37.7137

CNP Income Statement

AccruedPreferredStockDividends35 M117 M176 M95 M49 M
Amortization4 M13 M10 M24 M2 M-84 M
Basic EPS from continuing operations0.731.42-1.611.04.160.742.46-1.213.323.2
Basic EPS total0.731.42-1.611.04.160.742.68-3.584.73.2
Basic weighted shares outstanding428 M430 M430 M431 M431 M449 M502 M531 M593 M629 M
Cost of sales3,785 M4,364 M257 M257 M208 M204 M
Depreciation954 M1,013 M970 M1,126 M1,036 M1,243 M1,225 M1,189 M1,316 M1,288 M
Depreciation unreconciled954 M1,013 M970 M1,126 M1,036 M1,243 M1,225 M1,189 M1,316 M1,288 M
Diluted EPS total0.721.42-1.611.04.130.742.66-3.584.563.18
Diluted normalized net income/share0.721.42-1.611.04.130.742.45-
Diluted weighted shares outstanding431 M432 M430 M434 M434 M452 M505 M531 M610 M632 M
Dividends paid per share0.830.950.991.031.351.120.86
Earnings from equity interest188 M308 M-1,633 M208 M265 M307 M230 M-1,428 M681 M303 M
EarningsFromEquityInterestNetOfTax188 M308 M-1,633 M208 M265 M307 M230 M-1,428 M681 M303 M
GainOnSaleOfBusiness8 M303 M
GainOnSaleOfSecurity236 M163 M-93 M326 M7 M-22 M282 M49 M-172 M-227 M
GainsLossOnDisposalOfDiscontinuedOperations-46 M-21 M
GeneralAndAdministrativeExpense21 M22 M19 M7 M14 M16 M18 M24 M12 M20 M
Gross operating profit8,106 M9,226 M7,386 M7,528 M5,829 M6,225 M7,307 M7,161 M8,144 M9,321 M
ImpairmentOfCapitalAssets48 M185 M
Income before tax781 M885 M-1,130 M686 M1,063 M514 M774 M563 M778 M1,417 M
Income restructuring and M&A20 M
Income taxes470 M274 M-438 M254 M-729 M146 M92 M80 M110 M360 M
InterestExpenseNonOperating5 M
InterestExpenseOperating11 M11 M10 M8 M
InterestIncomeOperating-227 M
MiscOtherSpecialCharges-302 M-168 M15 M-469 M-32 M-241 M-298 M-24 M-85 M286 M
Net income from total operations311 M611 M-692 M432 M1,792 M368 M791 M-773 M1,486 M1,057 M
NetIncomeCommonStockholders4,219 M5,532 M8,532 M2,415 M1,792 M333 M674 M-949 M1,391 M1,008 M
NetIncomeContinuousOperations311 M611 M-692 M432 M1,792 M368 M791 M-773 M1,486 M1,057 M
NetIncomeDiscontinuousOperations-46 M333 M-201 M
NetNonOperatingInterestIncomeExpense-351 M-353 M-352 M-338 M-313 M-361 M-511 M-501 M-508 M-511 M
NetOperatingInterestIncomeExpense-11 M-11 M-10 M-8 M-227 M
Normalized income508 M575 M-1,568 M446 M334 M406 M611 M630 M836 M
Operating income1,010 M935 M933 M959 M1,136 M831 M1,071 M1,039 M1,363 M1,770 M
Operating income before depreciation (EBITDA)1,776 M1,937 M-123 M1,846 M2,123 M1,805 M2,274 M1,752 M2,094 M2,705 M
OperatingExpense3,188 M3,370 M4,615 M4,586 M4,693 M5,394 M6,236 M5,937 M6,781 M7,551 M
Other income net-122 M-303 M1,711 M-65 M-240 M-44 M-214 M-25 M77 M-589 M
OtherCostofRevenue3,908 M4,921 M1,838 M1,983 M3,785 M
OtherGandA21 M22 M19 M7 M14 M16 M18 M24 M12 M20 M
OtherOperatingExpenses1,847 M1,969 M3,271 M3,076 M3,266 M3,745 M4,537 M4,232 M4,937 M5,720 M
OtherTaxes387 M388 M374 M384 M391 M406 M474 M516 M528 M543 M
OtherunderPreferredStockDividend35 M117 M176 M95 M49 M
PreferredStockDividends35 M117 M176 M95 M49 M
RestructringAndMnAIncome20 M
Special income/charges48 M185 M20 M
Total Income available for interest expense (EBIT)792 M896 M-1,120 M694 M1,063 M514 M934 M563 M778 M1,417 M
Total common shares outstanding429 M430 M430 M431 M431 M501 M502 M552 M629 M630 M
Total net income311 M611 M-692 M432 M1,792 M368 M791 M-773 M1,486 M1,057 M
Total ordinary shares631 M631 M631 M631 M631 M631 M631 M631 M631 M631 M
Total revenues8,106 M9,226 M7,386 M7,528 M9,614 M10,589 M7,564 M7,418 M8,352 M9,327 M
TotalExpenses3,188 M3,370 M4,615 M4,586 M8,478 M9,758 M6,493 M6,194 M6,989 M7,755 M
TotalRevenue8,106 M9,226 M7,386 M7,528 M9,614 M10,589 M7,564 M7,418 M8,352 M9,321 M
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