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MT Balance Sheet


Assets_Cash and equivalents4,402 M6,072 M3,893 M4,002 M2,501 M2,574 M2,172 M4,867 M5,600 M4,215 M
Assets_Marketable securities0000000000
Assets_Accounts receivable5,085 M4,886 M3,696 M2,679 M2,974 M3,863 M4,432 M3,569 M3,072 M5,143 M
Assets_Loans receivable0000000000
Assets_Other receivable1,793 M1,722 M1,208 M965 M783 M998 M1,155 M1,043 M803 M1,092 M
Assets_Receivables6,878 M6,608 M4,904 M3,644 M3,976 M5,345 M6,165 M5,252 M4,190 M6,518 M
Assets_Inventories19,003 M19,240 M17,304 M13,424 M14,734 M17,986 M20,744 M17,296 M12,328 M19,858 M
Assets_Prepaid expenses582 M539 M544 M406 M369 M321 M416 M696 M705 M1,024 M
Other Current Assets917 M1,566 M1,412 M850 M667 M519 M2,978 M505 M5,150 M3,324 M
Assets_Total current assets31,782 M34,025 M28,057 M22,326 M22,247 M26,745 M32,475 M28,616 M27,973 M34,939 M
Assets_Land & improvements4,434 M4,159 M4,087 M3,659 M3,751 M3,875 M3,901 M4,113 M3,284 M3,407 M
Assets_Machinery furniture & equipment60,417 M61,565 M53,858 M43,934 M43,317 M50,174 M44,062 M44,628 M36,599 M35,348 M
Assets_Building & improvements0000000000
Assets_Gross fixed assets (Plant Property & Equipment)85,968 M86,231 M76,321 M62,835 M61,433 M70,626 M63,205 M67,220 M56,182 M55,159 M
Assets_Accumulated depreciation & depletion32,153 M34,999 M29,856 M27,055 M26,602 M33,655 M27,567 M30,989 M25,560 M25,084 M
Assets_Construction in progress5,577 M4,163 M4,546 M3,510 M3,257 M3,732 M4,363 M5,490 M3,963 M4,533 M
Property Plant Equipment Net53,815 M51,232 M46,465 M35,780 M34,831 M36,971 M35,638 M36,231 M30,622 M30,075 M
Non-Current Investments-37,059 M-39,025 M-33,682 M-29,038 M-29,163 M-32,598 M-25,055 M-25,883 M-16,578 M-13,416 M
Assets_Other non-current assets609 M352 M394 M185 M159 M130 M228 M203 M152 M159 M
Assets_Total non-current assets82,216 M78,283 M71,122 M54,520 M52,895 M58,552 M58,774 M59,292 M54,079 M55,573 M
Assets_Total assets113,998 M112,308 M99,179 M76,846 M75,142 M85,297 M91,249 M87,908 M82,052 M90,512 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Accounts payable13,110 M14,214 M12,893 M11,827 M12,970 M14,958 M15,853 M14,680 M13,052 M16,793 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Accrued expenses3,209 M3,564 M2,848 M2,594 M2,341 M2,581 M2,589 M2,487 M2,389 M2,752 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Short term debt4,348 M4,092 M2,522 M2,308 M1,885 M2,785 M3,167 M2,869 M2,507 M1,913 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Other current liabilities3,009 M3,313 M2,801 M1,256 M880 M1,017 M1,788 M1,202 M4,646 M2,646 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Deferred revenues161 M52 M59 M56 M39 M69 M58 M49 M73 M63 M
Other Current Liabilities0.
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total current liabilities23,837 M25,235 M21,123 M18,041 M18,115 M21,410 M23,455 M21,287 M22,667 M24,167 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Float term debt21,513 M17,520 M16,643 M16,942 M11,325 M9,729 M8,961 M10,605 M9,183 M5,797 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Capital lease obligations452 M699 M632 M536 M464 M414 M355 M866 M632 M691 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Other non-current liabilities14,772 M12,566 M12,617 M11,261 M10,384 M10,205 M11,996 M12,336 M7,501 M6,144 M
Other Non-Current Liabilities6,408 M6,495 M6,078 M4,794 M4,719 M4,750 M4,396 M4,293 M3,789 M4,607 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total non-current liabilities43,145 M37,280 M35,970 M33,533 M26,892 M25,098 M25,708 M28,100 M21,105 M17,239 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total liabilities66,982 M62,515 M57,093 M51,574 M45,007 M46,508 M49,163 M49,387 M43,772 M41,406 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Common stock equity47,016 M49,793 M42,086 M25,272 M30,135 M38,789 M42,086 M38,521 M38,280 M49,106 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Preferred stock equity0000000000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Minority floaterest0000000000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total equity47,016 M49,793 M42,086 M25,272 M30,135 M38,789 M42,086 M38,521 M38,280 M49,106 M
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