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NABZY Income Statement


Total revenues15,606 M17,380 M16,436 M15,981 M13,293 M15,998 M13,036 M12,618 M11,741 M11,845 M
Cost of sales-603 M-668 M-588 M-620 M-524 M-476 M-576 M-564 M-953 M-1,461 M
Gross operating profit36,127 M39,431 M33,180 M30,885 M24,814 M27,256 M24,194 M23,483 M22,303 M18,461 M
Selling Gen & administrative expenseN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Research & development expense0000000000
Operating income0000000000
floaterest income0000000000
floaterest expense0000000000
Other income net0000000000
Pre-tax Income (EBT)6,502 M6,376 M7,646 M6,958 M6,364 M6,877 M6,795 M6,069 M4,845 M3,699 M
Income taxes1,457 M2,149 M2,555 M2,324 M1,904 M1,955 M1,946 M1,774 M1,381 M1,815 M
Net income from total operations5,044 M4,227 M5,090 M4,634 M4,480 M273 M4,149 M4,015 M3,241 M1,836 M
Minority floaterest0000000000
Total net income5,043 M4,226 M5,083 M4,632 M4,442 M270 M4,146 M4,012 M3,239 M1,833 M
Preferred dividends253 M254 M25 M168 M123 M95 M77 M72 M56 M28 M
Net income available for common4,791 M3,973 M5,065 M4,466 M4,337 M4,826 M4,773 M4,223 M3,380 M2,478 M
Depreciation603 M668 M588 M620 M524 M476 M576 M564 M953 M1,461 M
Amortization332 M349 M308 M346 M294 M266 M337 M344 M753 M905 M
Operating income before depreciation (EBITDA)0000000000
Total Income available for floaterest expense (EBIT)0000000000
Basic EPS total2.231.792.111.921.770.070.760.730.570.29
Diluted EPS total2.211.782.091.881.720.070.740.70.550.29
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Get Access to 1 Billion Usable Market data points IN YOUR EXCEL SHEETS WITH EASY TO USE EXCEL FUNCTIONS

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