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Ardmore Shipping Corporation logo

Ardmore Shipping Corporation

Sector: Industrials   

Industry: Shipping & Ports

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 529 M  90-day average vol: 589,957

Previous close: 12.96  Open: 13.01  Bid: 12.51  Ask: 13.25
52 week range    
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TGP / 
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Last updated: Sunday 1st October 2023

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ASC Balance Sheet

"""debtc"""11 M19 M54 M42 M41 M49 M38 M41 M36 M21 M
Accounts payable4 M8 M13 M14 M16 M9 M5 M9 M9 M9 M
Accounts receivable743406.05 M26 M23 M27 M27 M30 M18 M20 M80 M
Accrued expenses5 M9 M14 M17 M18 M26 M22 M21 M20 M31 M
Accumulated depreciation & depletion-36 M-60 M-135 M-146 M-210 M
Additional paid in capital245 M339 M338 M405 M406 M415 M417 M418 M426 M468 M
Cash and equivalents57 M60 M40 M56 M39 M57 M52 M58 M55 M51 M
CashCashEquivalentsAndShortTermInvestments57 M60 M40 M56 M41 M57 M52 M58 M55 M51 M
CashEquivalents57 M60 M40 M56 M39 M57 M52 M58 M
Common par89 M114 M263297.0340613.0340613.0350192.0350192.0352067.0363839.0426000.0
Common stock equity232 M327 M348 M404 M381 M347 M326 M320 M292 M469 M
CommonStock89 M114 M263297.0340613.0340613.0350192.0350192.0352067.0363839.0426000.0
CurrentAccruedExpenses557160.0882594.02 M2 M2 M18 M17 M12 M11 M22 M
CurrentCapitalLeaseObligation2 M2 M27 M159028.04 M26 M18 M19 M21 M8 M
CurrentDeferredRevenue2 M2 M1 M507780.02 M1 M
Deferred revenues2 M2 M1 M507780.02 M1 M
Float term debt84 M179 M361 M411 M367 M206 M187 M188 M130 M119 M
Gross fixed assets (Plant Property & Equipment)202 M407 M718 M785 M752 M857 M807 M633 M604 M752 M
InterestPayable557160.0882594.02 M2 M2 M2 M880183.0769304.0650742.0863000.0
Inventories1 M2 M4 M7 M10 M13 M10 M10 M11 M16 M
Invested capital316 M506 M709 M816 M748 M552 M513 M508 M422 M588 M
Leases76 M361 M
LineOfCredit23 M
LongTermCapitalLeaseObligation29 M27 M9 M39 M216 M198 M180 M206 M48 M
LongTermDebtAndCapitalLeaseObligation112 M205 M361 M420 M406 M421 M385 M368 M336 M166 M
Marketable securities2 M
Minority interest37 M37 M
Net fixed assets (net PP&E)202 M372 M659 M785 M752 M721 M661 M633 M604 M542 M
NonCurrentNoteReceivables3 M3 M3 M3 M
Number of employees1047.01047.01047.01047.01047.01047.01047.01047.01047.01047.0
Other current assets2 M4 M44 M7 M7 M13 M2 M10 M12 M8 M
Other equity adjustments-729135.01 M1 M
Other non-current assets1 M4 M4 M4 M7 M8 M13 M19 M6 M9 M
Other non-current liabilities942508.01 M
Other receivable321810.0636464.023953.082636.0786084.0
Payables4 M8 M13 M14 M16 M9 M5 M9 M9 M9 M
Prepaid expenses471563.0683762.01 M803003.01 M1 M
RecievablesAdjustmentsAllowances-500000.0-900000.0-2 M
Retained earnings-13 M-11 M10 M3 M-10 M-53 M-76 M-82 M-120 M15 M
Short term debt9 M18 M27 M42 M37 M23 M20 M22 M15 M13 M
Total assets358 M562 M778 M884 M846 M845 M772 M752 M725 M724 M
Total current assets62 M72 M115 M94 M84 M109 M98 M103 M94 M158 M
Total current liabilities17 M30 M69 M59 M58 M76 M60 M63 M58 M53 M
Total equity232 M327 M348 M404 M381 M347 M326 M320 M292 M469 M
Total liabilities129 M235 M431 M479 M465 M496 M445 M432 M396 M217 M
Total non-current assets296 M490 M663 M790 M762 M735 M674 M649 M630 M566 M
Total non-current liabilities109 M205 M361 M420 M406 M423 M386 M369 M337 M164 M
TotalEquityGrossMinority321 M441 M348 M404 M381 M347 M326 M320 M292 M506 M
TotalEquityGrossMinorityInterest321 M441 M348 M404 M381 M347 M326 M320 M292 M506 M
TotalLiabilitiesAndTotalEquityGrossMinorityInterest358 M562 M778 M884 M846 M845 M772 M752 M725 M724 M
TotalNonCurrentLiabilitiesNetMinorityInteres109 M205 M361 M420 M406 M423 M386 M369 M337 M164 M
Treasury stock-1 M-1 M-4 M-15 M-15 M-15 M-16 M-16 M-16 M
Working capital45 M43 M46 M35 M26 M34 M38 M40 M36 M105 M
ltinv678632.011 M11 M
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