BioTelemetry Inc.

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Diagnostics & Research

Optionable: Not sure  Market Cap: 11 M  90-day average vol: 161,077

Previous close: 1.39  Open: 1.4  Bid: 1.65  Ask: 1.65
52 week range    
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Last updated: Monday 23rd May 2022
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StockDividendMarket Cap (B)PEPrice ($)


68 B45.7111.13


3 B-64.154.9


0 B2814.96


1 B-3.93.8
Trendlast: 40.211

Last PriceTrend_MinTrendTrend_MaxSignalSMA 50SMA 200
1.638792-10.5740.21170.937   Rising Trend1.641.64

BEATForward 201.47   Rising Trend40.21130736
BEATForward 191.47   Rising Trend40.20530736
BEATForward 181.47   Rising Trend40.31430736
BEATForward 171.47   Rising Trend39.95130736
BEATForward 161.47   Rising Trend39.79330736
BEATForward 151.47   Rising Trend39.45630736
BEATForward 141.47   Rising Trend39.59830736
BEATForward 131.47   Rising Trend39.81930736
BEATForward 121.47   Rising Trend39.64630736
BEATForward 111.47   Rising Trend40.18130736
BEATForward 101.47   Rising Trend41.80130736
BEATForward 91.47   Rising Trend41.51930736
BEATForward 81.47   Rising Trend43.08130736
BEATForward 71.47   Rising Trend43.16530736
BEATForward 61.47   Rising Trend42.71230736
BEATForward 51.47   Rising Trend42.62130736
BEATForward 41.47   Rising Trend41.23630736
BEATForward 31.47   Rising Trend40.64630736
BEATForward 21.47   Rising Trend60.31130736
BEATForward 11.47   Rising Trend60.31330736
BEAT2022-05-231.47   Rising Trend40.13230736
BEAT2022-05-201.44   Rising Trend60.246123
BEAT2022-05-191.39   Rising Trend59.94223380
BEAT2022-05-181.43   Rising Trend60.22834888
BEAT2022-05-171.35   Rising Trend59.510697
BEAT2022-05-161.34   Rising Trend58.69118393
BEAT2022-05-131.35   Rising Trend58.22458949
BEAT2022-05-121.38   Rising Trend58.59741827
BEAT2022-05-111.3106   Rising Trend58.56867963
BEAT2022-05-101.5   Rising Trend59.57568283
BEAT2022-05-091.5   Rising Trend60.04573795
BEAT2022-05-061.67   Rising Trend63.16563523
BEAT2022-05-051.6   Rising Trend61.84331654
BEAT2022-05-041.58   Rising Trend62.74636352
BEAT2022-05-031.55   Rising Trend63.34975868
BEAT2022-05-021.58   Rising Trend62.609315138
BEAT2022-04-291.37   Rising Trend55.43178610
BEAT2022-04-281.41   Rising Trend53.484496924
BEAT2022-04-271.29   Rising Trend46.85682699
BEAT2022-04-261.24   Rising Trend64.2996791
BEAT2022-04-251.41   Rising Trend64.1389861
BEAT2022-04-221.465   Rising Trend64.228286660
BEAT2022-04-211.67   Rising Trend69.825253820
BEAT2022-04-201.77   Rising Trend70.9376017192
BEAT2022-04-191.64   Declining Trend-7.44532899
BEAT2022-04-181.59   Declining Trend-9.1936920
BEAT2022-04-141.61   Declining Trend-9.31614656
BEAT2022-04-131.72   Declining Trend-8.60718023
BEAT2022-04-121.67   Declining Trend-9.70633920
BEAT2022-04-111.7   Declining Trend-4.95446479
BEAT2022-04-081.8   Declining Trend-4.52624562
BEAT2022-04-071.85   Declining Trend-8.0515161
BEAT2022-04-061.82   Declining Trend-10.5722065
BEAT2022-04-051.81   Rising Trend4.7846611
BEAT2022-04-041.96   Rising Trend5.829177303
BEAT2022-04-011.82   Rising Trend2.8726860
BEAT2022-03-311.844   Rising Trend2.56215130
BEAT2022-03-301.84   Rising Trend0.96611853
BEAT2022-03-291.85   Rising Trend0.2326261
BEAT2022-03-281.91   Declining Trend-2.03930242
BEAT2022-03-251.92   Declining Trend-4.30868297
BEAT2022-03-241.97   Declining Trend-3.04641205
BEAT2022-03-231.97   Rising Trend21.00971564
BEAT2022-03-221.91   Rising Trend17.03566586
BEAT2022-03-211.93   Rising Trend16.76747654
BEAT2022-03-181.9   Rising Trend15.73234337
BEAT2022-03-171.78   Rising Trend14.6934764
BEAT2022-03-161.69   Rising Trend13.09526922
BEAT2022-03-151.67   Rising Trend11.95420596
BEAT2022-03-141.7   Rising Trend15.95741658
BEAT2022-03-111.74   Rising Trend14.9569453
BEAT2022-03-101.71   Rising Trend11.3819600
BEAT2022-03-091.67   Rising Trend7.99124628
BEAT2022-03-081.59   Rising Trend23.2650367
BEAT2022-03-071.61   Rising Trend22.28722505
BEAT2022-03-041.66   Rising Trend49.38737585
BEAT2022-03-031.68   Rising Trend48.68962911
BEAT2022-03-021.81   Rising Trend47.28398855
BEAT2022-03-011.78   Rising Trend45.50125614
BEAT2022-02-281.75   Rising Trend41.833812
BEAT2022-02-251.79   Rising Trend40.95927021
BEAT2022-02-241.65   Rising Trend40.49954401
BEAT2022-02-231.63   Rising Trend65.18452795
BEAT2022-02-221.66   Rising Trend61.78672918
BEAT2022-02-181.62   Rising Trend61.29762088
BEAT2022-02-171.67   Rising Trend60.68667103
BEAT2022-02-161.73   Rising Trend59.6628764
BEAT2022-02-151.76   Rising Trend48.23167492
BEAT2022-02-141.71   Rising Trend46.75769452
BEAT2022-02-111.76   Rising Trend51.07150523
BEAT2022-02-101.93   Rising Trend52.48965981
BEAT2022-02-092.02   Rising Trend49.55553526

BEAT Income Statement


Total revenues000
Cost of sales000
Gross operating profit000
Selling Gen & administrative expense2530006550002 M
Research & development expense41000133000255000
Operating income-294000-788000-2 M
floaterest income000
floaterest expense000
Other income net0022000
Pre-tax Income (EBT)-536000-1 M-4 M
Income taxes000
Net income from total operations-536000-1 M-4 M
Minority floaterest000
Total net income-536000-1 M-4 M
Preferred dividendsN/AN/AN/A
Net income available for common-536000-1 M-4 M
Operating income before depreciation (EBITDA)-294000-788000-2 M
Total Income available for floaterest expense (EBIT)000
Basic EPS total-0.07-0.14-1.03
Diluted EPS total-0.07-0.14-1.03

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