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Cenovus Energy Inc logo

Cenovus Energy Inc

Sector: Energy   

Industry: Oil & Gas Integrated

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 33,302 M  90-day average vol: 8,208,506

Previous close: 17.45  Open: 17.62  Bid: 17.61  Ask: 17.65
52 week range    
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Last updated: Thursday 8th June 2023
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StockDividendMarket Cap (B)PEPrice ($)


0.014713 B21.234.09


0.035462 B1353.37



0.026266 B21.5114.69


0.019230 B66.743.93


0.01316 B-389.421.61



0.040838 B28.690.29


0.045244 B22.728.99



CVE Income Statement

Amortization497 M
Amortization of intangibles497 M
Basic EPS from continuing operations-0.65-2.371.78-1.940.293.29
Basic EPS total-0.65-2.171.78-1.940.273.29
Basic weighted shares outstanding833 M1,229 M1,229 M1,229 M2,016 M1,951 M
Cost of sales-12,682 M-13,452 M-9,769 M-8,626 M-10,142 M-11,420 M1,173 M14,244 M39,704 M-33,801 M
Depreciation1,833 M1,946 M2,114 M931 M1,838 M2,131 M2,249 M-4,679 M
Depreciation unreconciled1,833 M2,443 M2,114 M931 M1,838 M2,131 M2,249 M-4,679 M
DepreciationAndAmortization1,833 M2,443 M2,114 M931 M1,838 M2,131 M2,249 M-4,679 M
Diluted EPS total-0.65-2.171.78-1.940.273.2
Diluted normalized net income/share-0.65-2.371.78-1.940.293.2
Diluted weighted shares outstanding833 M1,229 M1,229 M1,229 M2,045 M2,006 M
Dividends paid per share0.
Earnings from equity interest57 M15 M
EarningsFromEquityInterestNetOfTax57 M15 M
ExplorationDevelopmentAndMineralPropertyLeaseExpenses-101 M
GainOnSaleOfPPE-1000000.0156 M2,392 M-6 M-1000000.0-795 M2 M81 M229 M269 M
GainOnSaleOfSecurity-501 M251 M-784 M-203 M-84 M-1,159 M248 M-127 M-821 M549 M
GeneralAndAdministrativeExpense463 M465 M473 M328 M1,244 M2,514 M95 M102 M849 M-297 M
Gross operating profit6,311 M6,655 M3,438 M3,656 M7,172 M9,969 M20,180 M-330 M9,107 M37,964 M
ImpairmentOfCapitalAssets497 M
Income before tax1,094 M1,195 M890 M-802 M2,216 M-3,926 M1,397 M-3,230 M1,315 M12,327 M
Income restructuring and M&A-2,693 M50 M164 M-51 M924 M
Income taxes432 M451 M-24 M-343 M-52 M-1,010 M-797 M-851 M728 M-2,281 M
Interest income96 M33 M28 M52 M62 M19 M12 M34 M23 M81 M
InterestExpenseNonOperating499 M427 M353 M369 M619 M595 M484 M536 M1,048 M-612 M
InterestExpenseOperating511 M504 M
MiscOtherSpecialCharges-2 M4 M-2 M-120 M3,650 M-370 M-155 M-300 M-4,174 M
Net income from total operations662 M744 M618 M-545 M3,366 M-2,669 M2,194 M-2,379 M587 M10,046 M
NetIncomeCommonStockholders662 M744 M618 M-545 M3,366 M-2,669 M2,194 M-2,379 M587 M10,046 M
NetIncomeContinuousOperations662 M744 M914 M-459 M2,268 M-2,916 M2,194 M-2,379 M587 M10,046 M
NetIncomeDiscontinuousOperations-296 M-86 M1,098 M247 M
NetNonOperatingInterestIncomeExpense433 M412 M353 M338 M583 M608 M499 M527 M1,059 M-739 M
NetOperatingInterestIncomeExpense-511 M-504 M
Normalized income-27,350 M-30,472 M456 M-1,270 M2,164 M-4,936 M242 M-1,104 M
Operating income2,031 M1,693 M-363 M-221 M242 M-1,241 M1,868 M-2,668 M3,524 M16,750 M
Operating income before depreciation (EBITDA)17,745 M
OperatingExpense-4,280 M-4,962 M-4,262 M-3,958 M-6,978 M-11,357 M18,942 M300 M5,583 M-21,214 M
OperatingRevenue18,993 M20,107 M13,064 M11,006 M17,043 M20,844 M21,353 M13,914 M48,811 M71,765 M
Other income net-504 M-86 M1,606 M-243 M2,613 M-2,077 M28 M-35 M-1,150 M-3,341 M
OtherCostofRevenue-33,801 M
OtherGandA463 M465 M473 M328 M1,244 M2,514 M95 M102 M849 M-297 M
OtherOperatingExpenses1,798 M2,045 M1,378 M1,640 M2,707 M2,539 M15,888 M2,046 M4,734 M-4,039 M
OtherTaxes35 M46 M18 M1000000.01000000.01000000.0
OtherunderPreferredStockDividend34 M
PreferredStockDividends34 M
RealizedCapitalGain-293 M662 M
Research & development expense24 M15 M27 M36 M36 M25 M20 M
ResearchExpense24 M15 M27 M36 M36 M25 M
RestructringAndMnAIncome-2,693 M50 M164 M-51 M924 M
SalariesAndWages214 M710 M198 M624 M-568 M
Selling Gen & administrative expense2,537 M2,942 M2,516 M2,043 M4,992 M8,456 M805 M300 M849 M-11,827 M
SellingAndMarketingExpense2,074 M2,477 M2,043 M1,715 M3,748 M5,942 M-11,530 M
Special income/charges-1000000.0-341 M2,392 M-6 M2,692 M-905 M-211 M132 M-695 M
Total Income available for interest expense (EBIT)1,527 M1,607 M991 M-589 M2,799 M-3,318 M1,538 M-600 M256 M13,066 M
Total common shares outstanding1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M
Total net income662 M744 M618 M-545 M3,366 M-2,669 M2,194 M-2,379 M587 M10,046 M
Total ordinary shares1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M1,908 M
Total revenues18,993 M20,107 M13,207 M12,282 M17,314 M21,389 M21,353 M13,914 M48,811 M71,765 M
TotalExpenses16,962 M18,414 M14,031 M12,584 M17,120 M22,777 M-19,485 M-16,582 M-45,287 M
WriteDown-49 M
WriteOff60 M49 M555 M
Call: 1-877-778-8358
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