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Principal Financial Group Inc logo

Principal Financial Group Inc

Sector: Financial Services   

Industry: Insurance - Life

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 17,585 M  90-day average vol: 975,657

Previous close: 72.75  Open: 72.91  Bid: 71.06  Ask: 74.23
52 week range    
CNO / 
CI / 
AFL / 
AIZ / 
Last updated: Thursday 28th September 2023

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StockDividendMarket Cap (B)PEPrice ($)



0.024542 B10.265.27


0.01789 B6.6152.74


0.017875 B9.7224.48


0.02043 B7.725.44

PFG Income Statement

AccruedPreferredStockDividends33 M33 M25 M
AgencyFees3,222 M3,482 M3,653 M3,627 M3,892 M4,274 M
AgencyFeesAndCommissions3,222 M3,482 M3,653 M3,627 M3,892 M4,274 M
Amortization-48 M-50 M-313 M-330 M-280 M-307 M-410 M-462 M-361 M-71 M
AmortizationOfDeferredAcquisitionCosts3,293 M3,574 M3,672 M3,733 M3,894 M4,137 M4,504 M4,647 M
Basic EPS from continuing operations5.947.358.179.0515.8810.775.05.086.3619.16
Basic EPS total5.947.358.179.0515.8810.775.05.086.3619.16
Basic weighted shares outstanding295 M295 M294 M289 M289 M286 M279 M275 M269 M253 M
CededPremiums373 M403 M402 M456 M484 M520 M563 M610 M651 M456 M
Depreciation-109 M-123 M-144 M-133 M-140 M-151 M-167 M-187 M-208 M-230 M
Diluted EPS total4.965.056.2718.85
Diluted normalized net income/share4.965.056.2718.85
Diluted weighted shares outstanding298 M299 M298 M293 M293 M289 M281 M276 M273 M257 M
Dividends paid per share0.981.281.51.611.87
EarningsFromEquityInterestNetOfTax93 M-21 M
FeeRevenueAndOtherIncome270 M
FeesAndCommissions3,222 M3,482 M3,653 M3,627 M3,892 M4,274 M
GrossPremiumsWritten3,045 M3,723 M5,289 M5,299 M6,823 M6,410 M7,867 M10,549 M9,854 M13,920 M
ImpairmentOfCapitalAssets-1000000.0-27 M
Income before tax1,149 M1,597 M1,460 M1,591 M2,305 M1,824 M1,693 M1,694 M2,084 M6,060 M
Income taxes188 M319 M178 M230 M-72 M231 M249 M265 M326 M1,208 M
IncomefromAssociatesandOtherParticipatingInterests93 M4,274 M
IncreaseDecreaseInNetUnearnedPremiumReserves270 M4,410 M
InterestIncome3,138 M3,258 M3,052 M3,297 M3,459 M3,629 M3,998 M3,891 M4,406 M3,830 M
MinorityInterests-23 M-32 M-19 M-45 M-14 M-7 M-50 M-33 M-47 M-41 M
Net income from total operations937 M1,246 M1,263 M1,316 M2,364 M1,586 M1,394 M1,396 M1,711 M4,852 M
NetIncomeCommonStockholders904 M1,213 M1,239 M1,316 M2,364 M1,586 M1,394 M1,396 M1,711 M4,812 M
NetIncomeContinuousOperations937 M1,246 M1,263 M1,316 M2,364 M1,586 M1,394 M1,396 M1,711 M4,852 M
NetInvestmentIncome3,138 M3,258 M3,052 M3,297 M3,459 M3,629 M3,946 M4,193 M4,409 M3,572 M
NetPremiumsWritten-3,045 M-3,723 M-5,289 M-5,299 M-6,823 M-6,410 M-7,867 M-10,548 M-9,854 M-13,920 M
NetRealizedGainLossOnInvestments-225 M15 M-51 M171 M524 M75 M-53 M303 M3 M-258 M
NonRecurringOperationExpense-36 M-37 M-38 M-40 M-44 M-37 M
Operating income1,240 M1,480 M1,460 M1,421 M-1,587 M-2,414 M1,693 M1,694 M2,084 M6,060 M
Other income net92 M-116 M-30 M-171 M-82 M-4,227 M-43 M
OtherunderPreferredStockDividend33 M33 M25 M
PolicyAcquisitionExpense-187 M-367 M-390 M-402 M-422 M-415 M-473 M-457 M-461 M-384 M
PolicyholderDividends189 M177 M164 M157 M125 M124 M119 M120 M95 M95 M
PreferredStockDividends33 M33 M25 M
PropertyLiabilityInsuranceClaims29 M
SalariesAndWages-68 M-75 M-84 M-84 M-83 M-77 M-83 M-88 M-96 M-91 M
Selling Gen & administrative expense99 M
SellingExpense99 M
Special income/charges-36 M-37 M-38 M-40 M-44 M-11 M-1000000.0-27 M
Total common shares outstanding296 M294 M292 M287 M290 M278 M275 M273 M261 M243 M
Total net income937 M1,246 M1,263 M1,316 M2,364 M1,586 M1,394 M1,396 M1,711 M4,852 M
Total ordinary shares242 M242 M242 M242 M242 M242 M242 M242 M242 M242 M
Total revenues9,406 M10,463 M11,995 M12,223 M10,283 M10,039 M16,222 M14,742 M14,263 M17,492 M
TotalExpenses-8,165 M-8,983 M-10,534 M-10,802 M-11,870 M-12,453 M-14,529 M-13,048 M-12,179 M-11,431 M
TotalPremiumsEarned3,045 M3,723 M5,289 M5,299 M6,823 M6,410 M12,277 M10,549 M9,854 M13,920 M
TotalRevenue9,406 M10,463 M11,995 M12,223 M10,283 M10,039 M16,222 M14,742 M14,263 M17,492 M
WriteDown-11 M
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