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PNC Financial Services Group Inc. (The) logo

PNC Financial Services Group Inc. (The)

Sector: Financial Services   

Industry: Banks - Regional - US

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 58,437 M  90-day average vol: 2,218,748

Previous close: 144.85  Open: 145.47  Bid: 145.4  Ask: 148.71
52 week range    
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Last updated: Wednesday 28th February 2024
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StockDividendMarket Cap (B)PEPrice ($)


0.024831 B11.948.32


0.0262445 B9.7153.07


0.029524 B9.526.41


0.027822 B9.324.47


0.0178216 B12.757.33


0.03622 B10.136.48

PNC Income Statement

AccruedPreferredStockDividends249 M237 M225 M215 M262 M240 M240 M233 M
Amortization of intangibles243 M30 M40 M46 M56 M78 M109 M115 M
Basic EPS from continuing operations7.487.447.527.4210.4910.7911.436.3712.7113.86
Basic EPS total7.487.447.527.4210.4910.7911.4316.9912.7113.86
Basic weighted shares outstanding528 M529 M514 M494 M481 M467 M447 M427 M426 M412 M
CreditCard2,633 M
CreditLossesProvision643 M273 M255 M433 M441 M408 M773 M2,985 M-855 M471 M
Depreciation715 M776 M809 M843 M921 M940 M1,035 M983 M
DepreciationAndAmortization715 M776 M809 M843 M921 M940 M1,035 M983 M
Diluted EPS total7.397.37.397.310.3610.7111.3916.9612.713.85
Diluted normalized net income/share7.397.37.397.310.3610.7111.396.3612.713.85
Diluted weighted shares outstanding532 M537 M521 M500 M486 M470 M448 M427 M426 M412 M
Dividends paid per share2.6
Equipment763 M859 M925 M974 M1,065 M1,103 M1,210 M1,176 M1,411 M1,395 M
FeesAndCommissions597 M662 M651 M667 M507 M500 M548 M805 M6,724 M7,154 M
GainOnSaleOfBusiness5,740 M
GainsLossOnDisposalOfDiscontinuedOperations827 M4,555 M
GeneralAndAdministrativeExpense412 M414 M460 M442 M431 M416 M-7,141 M-7,244 M
ImpairmentOfCapitalAssets14 M35 M
Income before tax5,688 M5,614 M5,507 M5,253 M5,490 M6,428 M5,492 M3,429 M6,988 M7,473 M
Income taxes1,476 M1,407 M1,364 M1,268 M102 M1,082 M901 M426 M1,263 M1,360 M
Interest expense860 M906 M1,045 M1,261 M1,706 M2,861 M3,797 M1,361 M487 M2,422 M
InterestExpenseForDeposit344 M325 M403 M430 M623 M1,229 M1,986 M643 M126 M1,267 M
InterestExpenseForLongTermDebtAndCapitalSecurities-361 M-1,155 M
InterestExpenseForShortTermDebt516 M581 M642 M831 M1,083 M1,632 M1,811 M718 M
InterestIncome10,007 M9,431 M9,323 M9,652 M10,814 M12,582 M13,762 M11,307 M11,134 M15,436 M
InterestIncomeAfterProvisionForLoanLoss8,504 M8,252 M8,023 M7,958 M8,667 M9,313 M9,192 M6,961 M11,502 M13,014 M
InterestIncomeFromInvestmentSecurities1,749 M1,624 M1,679 M1,826 M1,998 M2,261 M2,426 M2,041 M
InterestIncomeFromLeases412 M364 M
InterestIncomeFromLoans7,866 M7,427 M7,203 M7,414 M8,238 M9,580 M10,525 M8,927 M9,007 M11,795 M
InterestIncomeFromLoansAndLease7,866 M7,427 M7,203 M7,414 M8,238 M9,580 M10,525 M8,927 M9,007 M11,795 M
InterestIncomeFromSecurities1,749 M1,624 M1,679 M1,826 M1,998 M2,261 M2,426 M2,041 M1,834 M2,726 M
InvestmentBankingProfit1,342 M1,513 M1,567 M1,521 M1,942 M
MarketingExpense246 M253 M249 M247 M244 M285 M301 M236 M
MinorityInterests-11 M-23 M-37 M-82 M-50 M-45 M49,343 M54,041 M-51 M-72 M
Net income from total operations4,212 M4,207 M4,143 M3,985 M5,388 M5,346 M5,418 M7,558 M5,725 M6,113 M
NetIncomeCommonStockholders3,954 M3,947 M3,881 M3,688 M6,153 M6,266 M5,951 M10,500 M5,436 M5,735 M
NetIncomeContinuousOperations4,212 M4,207 M4,143 M3,985 M5,388 M5,346 M5,418 M7,558 M5,725 M6,113 M
NetIncomeDiscontinuousOperations827 M4,555 M
NetInterestIncome9,147 M8,525 M8,278 M8,391 M9,108 M9,721 M9,965 M9,946 M10,647 M13,014 M
NetOccupancyExpense833 M833 M842 M861 M868 M818 M834 M826 M940 M992 M
NonInterestExpense9,681 M9,488 M9,463 M9,476 M10,398 M10,296 M10,574 M10,297 M13,002 M13,170 M
NonInterestIncome6,865 M6,850 M6,947 M6,771 M7,221 M7,411 M6,874 M6,955 M8,488 M8,106 M
Normalized income-4,467 M-831 M-3,249 M-75 M1,502 M2,933 M1,597 M-8,392 M5,907 M6,299 M
OccupancyAndEquipment1,596 M1,692 M1,767 M1,835 M1,933 M1,921 M2,044 M2,002 M2,351 M2,387 M
Other special charges-8,178 M-4,480 M-6,829 M-3,489 M-2,067 M-2,145 M-2,742 M-5,361 M
OtherGainLossFromDispositionOfDiscontinuedOperations827 M4,555 M
OtherGandA412 M414 M460 M442 M431 M416 M-7,141 M-7,244 M
OtherInterestExpense-9,147 M-8,525 M-8,278 M-8,391 M-9,108 M-9,721 M-9,965 M-9,946 M
OtherInterestIncome392 M380 M441 M412 M578 M741 M811 M339 M293 M915 M
OtherNonInterestExpense3,096 M2,932 M2,616 M2,553 M2,953 M2,619 M2,582 M2,386 M3,191 M3,184 M
OtherNonInterestIncome4,843 M4,671 M4,729 M4,583 M8,298 M8,616 M6,874 M6,955 M1,840 M959 M
OtherunderPreferredStockDividend249 M237 M225 M215 M262 M240 M240 M233 M238 M-301 M
PreferredStockDividends249 M237 M225 M215 M262 M240 M240 M233 M238 M-301 M
RentAndLandingFees412 M414 M460 M442 M431 M416 M
Revenue per share266 M30 M40 M46 M56 M78 M409 M115 M
SalariesAndWages4,743 M4,611 M4,831 M4,841 M5,268 M5,471 M5,647 M5,673 M7,141 M7,244 M
SecuritiesActivities146 M33 M56 M24 M7 M48 M305 M
Selling Gen & administrative expense4,989 M4,864 M5,080 M5,088 M5,512 M5,756 M5,948 M5,909 M7,460 M7,599 M
SellingAndMarketingExpense246 M253 M249 M247 M244 M285 M301 M236 M319 M355 M
ServiceChargeOnDepositorAccounts597 M662 M651 M667 M500 M500 M500 M500 M5,760 M3,077 M
Special income/charges-3,110 M-2,932 M-2,616 M-2,553 M-2,953 M-2,619 M-2,582 M-2,386 M
Total common shares outstanding534 M521 M501 M486 M472 M454 M429 M424 M418 M400 M
Total net income4,212 M4,207 M4,143 M3,985 M5,388 M5,346 M5,418 M7,558 M5,725 M6,113 M
Total ordinary shares398 M398 M398 M398 M398 M398 M398 M398 M398 M398 M
Total revenues16,012 M15,375 M15,225 M15,162 M16,329 M17,132 M16,839 M16,901 M19,211 M21,120 M
TotalRevenue16,012 M15,375 M15,225 M15,162 M16,329 M17,132 M16,839 M16,901 M19,211 M21,120 M
TrustFeesbyCommissions964 M1,444 M
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