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Alico Inc. logo

Alico Inc.

Sector: Consumer Defensive   

Industry: Farm Products

Optionable: No  Market Cap: 204 M  90-day average vol: 27,626

Previous close: 26.62  Open: 26.61  Bid: 26.35  Ask: 31.29
52 week range    
Last updated: Tuesday 23rd July 2024
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ALCO Balance Sheet

Accounts payable2 M4 M6 M3 M4 M4 M4 M7 M3 M6 M
Accounts receivable8 M3 M5 M4 M3 M713000.04 M6 M324000.0712000.0
Accrued expenses11 M18 M13 M10 M15 M17 M11 M17 M12 M12 M
Accumulated depreciation & depletion-9 M-15 M-15 M-15 M-14 M-14 M-14 M-15 M-15 M-15 M
Additional paid in capital4 M20 M18 M19 M20 M20 M20 M20 M20 M20 M
Cash and equivalents31 M5 M7 M3 M32 M24 M3 M886000.0865000.01 M
CashCashEquivalentsAndShortTermInvestments31 M5 M7 M3 M32 M24 M3 M886000.0865000.01 M
CashEquivalents31 M5 M7 M3 M32 M24 M20 M886000.0
Common par7 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M
Common stock equity16 M172 M173 M161 M172 M194 M216 M245 M244 M245 M
CommonStock7 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M
Cost in excess2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M
CurrentAccruedExpenses4 M14 M7 M7 M9 M8 M7 M10 M9 M5 M
CurrentDeferredRevenue29 M27 M26 M25 M
CurrentDeferredTaxesAssets19 M73 M67 M66 M30 M21 M18 M16 M25 M24 M
CurrentDeferredTaxesLiabilities3 M151000.031 M27 M25 M32 M58 M55 M56 M56 M
Deferred revenues3 M29 M27 M26 M25 M
DeferredCosts-1 M-986000.0-748000.0
DeferredFinancingCosts2 M2 M-1 M-986000.0748000.0621000.0
DefinedPensionBenefit4 M4 M5 M4 M4 M5 M
DividendsPayable442000.0500000.0498000.0494000.0492000.0448000.0674000.04 M4 M381000.0
EmployeeBenefits4 M4 M4 M4 M4 M
Float term debt63 M204 M196 M180 M170 M157 M142 M122 M108 M126 M
GoodwillAndOtherIntangibleAssets2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M
Gross fixed assets (Plant Property & Equipment)136 M396 M395 M365 M354 M360 M364 M388 M388 M377 M
IncomeTaxPayable5 M2 M6 M
InterestPayable2 M8 M10 M1 M1 M1 M1 M888000.0764000.01 M
Inventories25 M58 M58 M36 M41 M40 M41 M43 M28 M52 M
InventoriesAdjustmentsAllowances-13 M
Invested capital79 M376 M370 M341 M342 M351 M500 M489 M459 M497 M
Land & improvements109 M106 M
Leases1 M1 M
LineOfCredit3 M5 M1 M2 M2 M
LongTermDebtAndCapitalLeaseObligation64 M205 M196 M180 M170 M157 M142 M122 M108 M126 M
Minority interest5 M5 M5 M5 M5 M5 M5 M5 M5 M
Net fixed assets (net PP&E)127 M381 M379 M349 M340 M346 M350 M373 M372 M362 M
NetOtherUnrealizedGainLoss13 M
Non-current deferred income taxes9 M26 M31 M27 M25 M32 M40 M39 M36 M36 M
NonCurrentDeferredAssets-1 M-986000.0-748000.0
NonCurrentDeferredLiabilities9 M26 M31 M27 M25 M32 M40 M39 M36 M36 M
NonCurrentDeferredTaxesAssets3 M7 M6 M3 M190000.0168000.0203000.0146000.04 M4 M
NonCurrentPensionAndOtherPostretirementBenefitPlans4 M4 M4 M4 M4 M
Other current assets60 M2 M2 M21 M1 M1 M1 M160000.0205000.02 M
Other fixed assets350 M373 M372 M362 M
Other non-current assets4 M3 M2 M848000.03 M2 M3 M3 M3 M5 M
Other non-current liabilities8 M166000.022000.0172000.0372000.0306000.0435000.0369000.0
Other receivable81 M122 M93 M109 M92 M40 M
OtherCurrentLiabilities3 M975000.01 M1 M1 M6 M1 M875000.01 M825000.0
OtherInventories602000.02 M40 M39 M41 M43 M28 M52 M
Payables7 M4 M6 M3 M6 M10 M4 M7 M3 M6 M
Preferred securities of subsidiary trust1000000.01000000.01000000.01000000.0
Prepaid expenses1 M2 M1 M2 M833000.01 M1 M1 M1 M2 M
Restricted cash2 M17 M
Retained earnings135 M146 M152 M140 M151 M198 M219 M246 M243 M244 M
Short term debt3 M5 M4 M5 M5 M5 M9 M4 M3 M3 M
TaxesReceivable2 M1 M781000.03 M1 M1 M
Total assets204 M460 M455 M419 M423 M417 M423 M432 M409 M428 M
Total current assets112 M71 M72 M66 M71 M62 M68 M55 M32 M59 M
Total current liabilities16 M24 M19 M16 M21 M29 M21 M22 M17 M15 M
Total equity16 M172 M173 M161 M172 M194 M216 M245 M244 M245 M
Total liabilities58 M283 M277 M254 M246 M218 M203 M184 M160 M178 M
Total non-current assets131 M386 M383 M352 M345 M350 M354 M377 M378 M370 M
Total non-current liabilities76 M234 M232 M212 M199 M189 M182 M162 M144 M163 M
TotalEquityGrossMinority162 M177 M178 M165 M178 M202 M222 M250 M249 M250 M
TotalEquityGrossMinorityInterest162 M177 M178 M165 M178 M202 M222 M250 M249 M250 M
TotalLiabilitiesAndTotalEquityGrossMinorityInterest204 M460 M455 M419 M423 M417 M423 M432 M409 M428 M
TotalNonCurrentLiabilitiesNetMinorityInteres76 M234 M232 M212 M199 M189 M182 M162 M144 M163 M
TotalTaxPayable5 M2 M6 M
Treasury stock-650000.0-4 M-5 M-7 M-8 M-32 M-31 M-30 M-28 M-27 M
Work in progress40 M42 M27 M51 M
Working capital96 M47 M53 M51 M50 M33 M47 M33 M15 M44 M
debtc3 M5 M4 M5 M5 M5 M9 M4 M3 M3 M
ltinv1 M0.
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