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Arconic Inc. logo

Arconic Inc.

Sector: Industrials   

Industry: Diversified Industrials

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 3,003 M  90-day average vol: 1,096,868

Previous close: 29.99  Open: 29.98  Bid:   Ask:
52 week range    
Last updated: Thursday 28th September 2023

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ARNC Balance Sheet

Invalid dateDec-20Dec-21Dec-22
"""debtc"""36 M35 M34 M
Accounts payable1,106 M1,718 M1,578 M
Accounts receivable631 M922 M791 M
Accrued expenses1,257 M1,895 M1,740 M
Additional paid in capital3,348 M3,368 M3,373 M
Cash and equivalents787 M335 M261 M
CashCashEquivalentsAndShortTermInvestments787 M335 M261 M
CashEquivalents787 M335 M261 M
Common par1000000.01000000.01000000.0
Common stock equity1,433 M1,545 M1,357 M
Cost in excess390 M322 M292 M
CurrentAccruedExpenses118 M116 M119 M
CurrentCapitalLeaseObligation36 M35 M34 M
CurrentDeferredTaxesAssets6 M47 M45 M
CurrentDeferredTaxesLiabilities694 M622 M531 M
EmployeeBenefits479 M411 M302 M
Finished goods282 M350 M343 M
Float term debt1,278 M1,594 M1,597 M
GoodwillAndOtherIntangibleAssets390 M322 M292 M
Gross fixed assets (Plant Property & Equipment)2,856 M2,773 M2,476 M
IncomeTaxPayable33 M61 M43 M
Intangibles552 M565 M566 M
Inventories1,043 M1,630 M1,622 M
Invested capital2,711 M3,139 M2,954 M
LongTermCapitalLeaseObligation111 M90 M83 M
LongTermDebtAndCapitalLeaseObligation1,389 M1,684 M1,680 M
Minority interest14 M14 M
Net fixed assets (net PP&E)2,856 M2,773 M2,476 M
Non-current deferred income taxes15 M12 M3 M
NonCurrentDeferredAssets329 M229 M188 M
NonCurrentDeferredLiabilities1,358 M729 M589 M
NonCurrentDeferredTaxesAssets329 M229 M188 M
NonCurrentPensionAndOtherPostretirementBenefitPlans479 M411 M302 M
Number of employees11550.011550.011550.0
Other current assets23 M35 M20 M
Other equity adjustments-1,761 M-1,111 M-937 M
Other non-current assets97 M88 M57 M
Other non-current liabilities168 M134 M116 M
Other receivable128 M226 M183 M
OtherCurrentLiabilities180 M110 M190 M
OtherInventories67 M66 M55 M
Payables1,139 M1,779 M1,621 M
Preferred securities of subsidiary trust10 M10 M10 M
PreferredStock10 M10 M10 M
Prepaid expenses53 M54 M124 M
Raw materials59 M109 M118 M
Restricted cash30000.030000.030000.0
Retained earnings-155 M-552 M-734 M
Total assets6,314 M6,580 M6,015 M
Total current assets2,642 M3,168 M3,002 M
Total current liabilities1,473 M2,063 M1,971 M
Total equity1,433 M1,545 M1,357 M
Total liabilities4,867 M5,021 M4,658 M
Total non-current assets3,672 M3,412 M3,013 M
Total non-current liabilities3,394 M2,958 M2,687 M
TotalEquityGrossMinority1,447 M1,559 M1,357 M
TotalEquityGrossMinorityInterest1,447 M1,559 M1,357 M
TotalLiabilitiesAndTotalEquityGrossMinorityInterest6,314 M6,580 M6,015 M
TotalNonCurrentLiabilitiesNetMinorityInteres3,394 M2,958 M2,687 M
TotalTaxPayable33 M61 M43 M
Treasury stock-161 M-346 M
UnearnedPremiums-22 M-6 M-3 M
Work in progress635 M1,105 M1,106 M
Working capital1,169 M1,105 M1,031 M
Call: 1-877-778-8358
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