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Average True Range

The average true range is a technical indicator used to measure volatility by decomposing the range of asset price for a period (generally 14 days)

How calculated

Moving average of true range

Example usage

=AverageTrueRange("MSFT") - Returns ATR value for 14 day period
=AverageTrueRange("MSFT",30) - Returns ATR value for 30 day period
=AverageTrueRange("MSFT",30,"9/1/2022") - Returns ATR value for 30 day period with start date 1 September 2022


A stock with a high level of volatility has a higher ATR, and a low volatility stock has a lower ATR.


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Average True Range
StockAverage True Range




Astra Space Inc logo

Astra Space Inc

Sector: Manufacturing   

Industry: Small Arms Ammunition Manufacturing

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 42 M  90-day average vol: 1,424,276

Previous close: 1.96  Open: 1.98  Bid: 1.72  Ask: 1.8
52 week range    
Last updated: Sunday 24th September 2023

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