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Forum Energy Technologies Inc. logo

Forum Energy Technologies Inc.

Sector: Energy   

Industry: Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

Optionable: No  Market Cap: 181 M  90-day average vol: 33,254

Previous close: 20.06  Open: 19.78  Bid: 17.99  Ask: 20.22
52 week range    
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Last updated: Wednesday 21st February 2024
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FET Income Statement

AcquisitionExpense3 M
Amortization of intangibles-41 M-33 M240 M217 M-24 M
Basic EPS from continuing operations-17.37-14.65
Basic EPS total28.637.6-26.6-18.0-12.0-68.8-103.0-17.37-14.650.65
Basic weighted shares outstanding5 M5 M4 M5 M5 M5 M6 M6 M6 M6 M
Cost of sales-1,050 M-1,180 M-811 M-488 M-630 M-808 M-712 M523 M418 M-511 M
Depreciation-75 M-63 M51 M42 M-37 M
DepreciationAndAmortization-75 M-63 M51 M42 M-37 M
Diluted EPS total27.436.6-26.6-18.0-12.0-68.8-103.0-17.37-14.650.62
Diluted normalized net income/share-17.37-14.65
Diluted weighted shares outstanding5 M5 M4 M5 M5 M5 M6 M6 M6 M6 M
Earnings from equity interest7 M25 M15 M2 M121 M-390 M1 M
EarningsFromEquityInterestNetOfTax7 M25 M15 M2 M121 M-390 M1 M
GainOnSaleOfBusiness34 M-567 M88 M
GainOnSaleOfPPE-614000.0-1 M-746000.0-3 M-2 M438000.0-78000.0-3 M1 M1 M
GeneralAndAdministrativeExpense-13 M198 M169 M-10 M
Gross operating profit475 M559 M263 M100 M189 M256 M245 M-11 M123 M189 M
ImpairmentOfCapitalAssets125 M69 M364 M-53 M15 M
Income before tax186 M243 M-134 M-138 M-55 M-390 M-569 M-110 M-82 M10 M
Income restructuring and M&A-24 M-15 M-2 M-2 M-7 M
Income taxes56 M68 M-15 M-56 M4 M-16 M-2 M-13 M642000.07 M
Interest income-23 M-26 M-9 M-27 M-33 M-32 M-30 M-32 M-32 M
InterestExpenseNonOperating18 M30 M30 M27 M27 M-81000.0155000.0110000.0-77000.0
InterestIncomeOperating-110 M
MiscOtherSpecialCharges-3 M7 M72 M-5 M15 M
Net income from total operations130 M174 M-119 M-82 M-59 M-764 M-567 M-97 M-83 M4 M
NetIncomeCommonStockholders130 M174 M-119 M-82 M-59 M-764 M-1,136 M-97 M-83 M4 M
NetIncomeContinuousOperations130 M174 M-119 M-82 M-59 M-764 M-567 M-97 M-83 M4 M
NetNonOperatingInterestIncomeExpense-18 M-30 M-30 M-27 M-27 M-33 M-32 M-30 M-32 M-32 M
Normalized income-68 M
Operating income206 M247 M-2 M-127 M-65 M-31 M-7 M-232 M-44 M16 M
Operating income before depreciation (EBITDA)265 M337 M-39 M-49 M37 M-315 M-506 M-59 M-40 M47 M
OperatingExpense-273 M-317 M-391 M-231 M-331 M-654 M-781 M221 M168 M-171 M
Other income net-2 M-21 M-14 M5 M-113 M359 M1,094 M-136 M4 M-1 M
OtherGandA-13 M198 M169 M-10 M
OtherImpairmentOfCapitalAssets532 M20 M
OtherOperatingExpenses-273 M-317 M-231 M-331 M-654 M-781 M8 M-2 M-7 M
OtherWriteDown2 M3 M
OtherWriteOff-2 M-2 M2 M527000.0-3 M
RestructringAndMnAIncome-24 M-15 M-2 M-2 M-7 M
Revenue per share-2 M-3 M-43 M-33 M241 M218 M-25 M
SalariesAndWages-20 M-16 M-4 M
Selling Gen & administrative expense270 M313 M265 M227 M254 M287 M252 M198 M169 M179 M
SellingAndMarketingExpense270 M313 M265 M227 M254 M287 M252 M179 M
SellingExpense270 M313 M265 M227 M254 M287 M252 M179 M
Special income/charges-125 M-69 M-364 M54 M-13 M2 M7 M
Total Income available for interest expense (EBIT)204 M272 M-104 M-111 M-28 M-390 M-569 M-110 M-82 M10 M
Total common shares outstanding5 M4 M5 M5 M5 M5 M6 M6 M10 M
Total net income130 M174 M-119 M-82 M-59 M-764 M-567 M-97 M-83 M4 M
Total ordinary shares10 M10 M10 M10 M10 M10 M10 M10 M10 M10 M
Total revenues1,525 M1,740 M1,074 M588 M819 M1,064 M957 M512 M541 M700 M
TotalExpenses-1,323 M-1,497 M-1,202 M-718 M-961 M-1,461 M-1,492 M744 M586 M-683 M
TotalRevenue1,525 M1,740 M1,074 M588 M819 M1,064 M957 M512 M541 M700 M
Call: 1-877-778-8358
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